Is Yamaha a Good Guitar Brand?-(Query Answered)

Is Yamaha a Good Guitar Brand? In this guide I have provided enough in-depth researched based information about Yamha brand.Stay with me to find the right answer.

“Music oft hath such a charm To make bad good, and good provoke to harm” – Measure for Measure. This famous saying was quoted by the phenomenal playwright that the 16th-century world witnessed, and the contemporary world admires, the great William Shakespeare.

By this saying, he meant to say that music is the key to great locks of life. It unlocks clandestine secrets of the heart, mind, and soul. It has the mystical power to turn a mischievous thing to have a lovely feature and thus can also provoke the good and the well to make up to do some serious catastrophic things.

The creation of music is a process of discovering yourself through the ways of nature and harmony of sound. This creation take a lot of patience, dedicated hard work and determination and, a love and passion for music itself. This formation is formed better with one of the most beautiful and classy stringed instruments and that’s Guitar.

The designs, quality and production quality has seen a serious rise in the recent past and one of the most fabulous designs that had been made so far is that of the Yamaha Guitars SLG200S TBS steel string silent guitar that rocks both as an acoustic as well as an electric guitar that features one of the most strange looking yet incredible bodiless design.

Yamaha promises to ‘ make waves ‘ with music. This they work really hard as a production house to provide fantastic quality and genuine products even without compromising any value on price. Yamaha, the well known Japanese franchise has been serving consumers since 1887 that’s like thirteen decades of service after which they started the MAKE WAVES in the year 2019 and made their consumers music taste grow.

The Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel String Silent Guitar is an acoustic electric guitar with brilliant craftsmanship, unique style, and perfect material selection for standing the delicate design of the guitar. It’s a perfect catch for professional stage performances or basic strumming, practice or travelling as it’s easy and convenient to carry.

Lets deep dive about the topic- Is Yamaha a Good Guitar Brand?

Yamaha SLG200S– Is Yamaha a Good Guitar Brand?

Let’s closely observe the body structure, the specifications and the speciality of the guitar in details.


  • Colour: Tobacco Sunburst
  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Back Material Type: Mahogany Wood
  • Neck Material Type: Mahogany
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood
  • Guitar Pickup Configuration: Piezo
  • String Material: Steel
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Guitar Bridge System: Hardtail Bridge
  • Stylish amazing looks, extremely unique design
  • 80% quieter than acoustic
  • Detachable frame that can be removed and carried away
  • Unique design that has a hollow pattern that is strange to usual guitar shapes
  • Slim, sleek and portable body that can literally be used as a travel guitar too
  • A lot of Extra accessories are included like hard gig bag
  • Plays silently without disturbance
  • Amplification benefits
  • Small sound that plays silently, therefore isn’t effective enough to create an effect
  • Extremely high price range for beginners

Yamaha SLG200S Structure and Body Review-Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel String Silent Guitar is a new, peculiar piece of acoustic guitar created with SRT powered technology that features a great strong and furnished body of mahogany wood and fret board of rosewood with a polished black finish to create an epic tobacco sunburst look that is an creative attractant. A new age guitar with features that appeals the youth a lot. It’s is meant to be in creative and rational hands who can do justice to the music.

Mahogany, used as the tone wood for the body and the back material, is a tropical hardwood indigenous to America is one of the toughest, strongest hardwood currently executed in the making of guitars and other string based instruments. It has excellent workability, and is very durable, Attractive, easy to work with and resonant. Mahogany lends more of a parlour kind of tone to the guitar. It doesn’t sound very big either, thereby making it a perfect choice for silent guitars but surely has a distinctive character.

Due to its dense nature, it make an suitable material for neck. Mahogany will generally absorb a little more of the string vibration, thus creating more warm and fatter notes that doesn’t owe much frequency.

Rosewood on fret board, another excellent choice. The rosewood fret board is durable and strong and the sound produced is rich, warm with a very smooth feeling. It stains different for which it appears in a number of colours, all of which look beautiful.

The six string classic arrangement is made up of steel strings. The steel string guitars Produce a sharper, crisper and louder sound. They are firmly pressed to the board to produce just adequate sound for the form of the guitar.

Yamaha SLG200S Specifications and Sound- Is Yamaha a Good Guitar Brand?

Such a light weight hollow frame bodiless design that let’s you play whenever and wherever you want. The hollow bodiless design follows the SRT powered technology that means studio response technology which enables the audio of a studio playing in the body of an acoustic guitar. They used just the perfectly selected microphone in a professional recording studio environment.

The SRT powered technology enables bass, treble, aux and automatic tuners and various other features to give it a studio based sound.

The sleek body design of the Yamaha SLG allows players to experience superb playability with best convenience which can also be used to convert between an electric and acoustic guitar without any problem.

It’s detachable body makes it portable and easy to carry around. Even if it’s body isn’t detached, it’s still very light and easy to carry because of its bodiless design.

The unique design of the Yamaha SLG is a creation of the project team and the Yamaha Design Laboratory with traditional guitar forms, a design that the world has not known before.

The bodiless design helps people to practice around anywhere with a light and quiet sound and is 80% lighter than any other acoustic guitar. The literally uniquely chosen material for the body actually suppresses the resonance and vibrations and help create warm and smooth notes without making large chaotic noise.  The sound is pretty good for an acoustic guitar and for an electric guitar it can be adjusted using the SRT powered technology.

Yamaha SLG200S Hardware and Accessories Required

THE Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel String Silent Guitar is a great pick that comes only with a hard cover gig bag to protect your pretty expensive purchase, a pair of headphones and two AA batteries. Basically for a silent acoustic guitar, you don’t need much of extra

accessories after spending a big fortune for the model.

But if you want to play it as an electric guitar, you might as well need to browse through some other equipments like the amplifiers, cables, extra stock strings, guitar humidifier.

The customer reviews on the product is quite satisfactory as people are excited because of the looks and the silent playability but are a bit worried for the price value they have to pay for the guitar. It is not at all cost effective which disheartened some customers.

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Final Verdict on the Yamaha SLG200S TBS Steel String Silent Guitar

I have mentioned above in the topic regarding- Is Yamaha a Good Guitar Brand? As a occasional strummer, I would like to owe this sexy and stylish piece in my collection for it has the best features of an acoustic guitar that’s great silent playability anytime and anywhere you want with portability that makes it detachable body fit in airplane cabins.

But the price I have to pay to own this, my heart just moves a step back from the idea of buying it. Over that for an electric form, I have to buy other extra accessories too which is not friendly to our pockets.

Finally this guitar is a good and likeable product for professionals who can actually own it buy it is not recommended for beginners to start with this guitar.

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