Best Electric Guitar for Short Fingers 2022-Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Review!

If you are looking for best electric guitar for short fingers then this guide is for you and you have landed on the right article.Stay with me to find best electric guitar for you.

“Give me some music; music, moody food Of us that trade in love” – Antony & Cleopatra is what as famous saying about music was quoted by the phenomenal playwright that the 16th century world witnessed and the contemporary world admires, the great William Shakespeare. He drove the world crazy with the power of his mighty pen but he has always loved the beauty of every form of art.

By this Shakespeare meant that Cleopatra is melancholic when she thinks of Antony and tries to entertain herself by asking her servants for music. She considers that music feeds the state of mind of lovers. And the music not only feeds the lovers but also satisfies and keeps every other person at peace when played. Music is the food to the soul and heart too.

Guitars are fancy, complex, elaborate, stylish and owe a variety of features that makes them stand out as absolute beauties in the world of string musical instruments.

Guitars play a key role. They vividly carry forward the essence of music and give a “Rock-a-Roll” feeling to the heart. Classic, fancy and beautifully crafted instruments are the guitars that are not only attractant to the eye but their tones turn on the melodious vibe around you. Get yourself a piece and you definitely won’t think about boredom for long.

One such fancy model is the Yamaha  A-Series A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar which is a dreadnought cutaway guitar and is a lovely guitar that is a model that has been able to stand out in the crowd of different guitarsand it is best electric guitar for short fingers.

Yamaha promises to ‘ make waves ‘ with music. This they work really hard as a production house to provide fantastic quality and genuine products even without compromising any value on price. Yamaha, the well known Japanese franchise has been serving consumers since 1887 that’s like thirteen decades of service after which they started the MAKE WAVES in the year 2019 and made their consumers music taste grow.

Let’s get started to explain in detail about best electric guitar for short fingers below.

Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar-Best electric guitar for short fingers

Let’s unravel the various features like body, structure and other specifications and details in particular.

Top Features:

  • Solid Sitka Spruce top with scalloped bracing for a louder, richer acoustic sound
  • Yamaha’s new SRT2 system allows you to blend between microphone models and the piezo pickup to find your perfect tone
  • High comfort satin mahogany neck with a slim taper profile
  • Dreadnought cutaway body with solid back and sides
  • Soft case included
  • Piezo guitar pick up configuration
  • Smart automatic feedback reduction feature that lets the detect unnecessary feedback just by the pressing of a button
  • Both rosewood and mahogany body each with a sunburst finish
  • High quality and trust and guarantee of Yamaha group
  • Perfect intonation of the strings
  • Top of the line
  • Valuable guitar for budget friendly price
  • System 63 SRT Preamp
  • Semi-open Pore Finish
  • Low action
  • Price seems a lit bit high for beginners and also if bought with bundle of accessories cost even more
  • Doesn’t have any extra equipment in the package

Yamaha A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar Body and Structure Reviews-Best electric guitar for short fingers

The body for tone wood comes in both Rosewood and Mahogany wood, both of which are durable, attractive and comparatively cheap and being abundantly found is used frequently in guitar making.

Those who know something about the mahogany are well aware of the warm and rich tone. Although because of heavy wood, it’s subtle and doesn’t have any sharp intonation. Mahogany makes for a very stable neck due to it’s even density reducing the risk of warping. Mahogany has a thick bottom end, a controlled high end, and a perfect midrange.

The fairly open pores help in better absorption of the vibration of the strings producing deeper and fatter tones.

Can’t ignore the spruce top, this guitar top has a blooming tone. It is literally top choice for guitar tops as it looks good being light in colour, even in grain and stains well. The tone palette of spruce top guitars is usually pretty sensitive and therefore offers warm tones.

Rosewood on fret board, another excellent choice. The rosewood fret board is durable and strong and the sound produced is rich, warm with a very smooth feeling. It stains different for which it appears in a number of colours, all of which look beautiful. It is simply appealing and provides rich warm tones and has the ability to supress high end harshness. Brazilian Rosewood is a very hard and dense wood that  has an amazing handling.

The neck settings and body styles define the quality of any Guitar.  neck settings of this model provides less sustenance and resonance. Another major characteristic that you should take into consideration when purchasing a guitar is the body style.

Yamaha A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sound Reviews

The piezo pick up configuration of the guitar which converts the vibrations directly to a changing voltage. Piezo pickups detect their vibrations from the saddle of the guitar, where the strings are particularly tight.

The SRT powered technology that means studio response technology which enables the audio of a studio playing in the body of an acoustic guitar. They used just the perfectly selected microphone in a professional recording studio environment.

The SRT powered technology enables bass, treble, aux and automatic tuners and various other features to give it a studio based sound.

The model also features built-in chromatic tuners. It is perfect for both acoustic and electric playability as it allows to seek for one tone at a time.

The sound of the guitar is extremely powerful as has great acoustic intonations. Because of Yamaha’s exclusive A. R. E. Technology that is acoustic resonance enhancement that helps the instrument get a rich, vintage tone and the moment you strum this guitar, you will get as if it fits your needs perfectly and will give you a regal feeling.

Hardware and Accessories Needed With Yamaha A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This expensive purchase does come with a handy soft case guitar bag or gig bag. But you always need extra accessories for you notable purchase to make it a complete package. You can go for the complete package for all the extra equipment. But it is seen that getting the entire bundle itself is really pricey and it’s better to individually get the extras for cheaper prices, so that don’t have to spend a handful on them.

The various other accessories you need with the model are guitar straps, hard case to protect the costly guitar, picks, a set of extra stock strings, guitar humidifier and an amp. Yamaha A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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Customer Reviews

The reviews on this guitar are pretty much normal, they are not so great and not so bad either. It achieved minimal response. Some people love the guitar for the given price. Some people found it out of their budget. Some did receive defective and some what damaged goods because of factory production.

If you are not satisfied with the Yamaha A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar, you are always welcome to browse more likely products to suit your needs. Some alternative options include Taylor Guitar 200 series 214CE Grand Auditorium. The product has the genuineness, quality and sound of the authentic Taylor products and also comes with a number of upgrades for a few more money.

Final Verdict on the Yamaha A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Over all the Yamaha A3R Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a fantastic choice for the budget range and it is best electric guitar for short fingers. It serves both as an acoustic as well as an electric guitar that advances great, stylish and classy vintage looks and marvellous craftsmanship and strong impactful sound. It features all the amazing specifications of the Yamaha laboratory.

As a guitar strummer, I would definitely recommend this piece to professionals and stage performers, just plug it into an amp and you are good to go for any great performance.

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