Best Guitar for Southern Rock-Electric Guitar Review!

Humans since their childhood have always responded to beautiful sounds. It is also evident that beautiful sounds have a good effect on the trees, helps them grow faster and more beautifully. That’s the power of music. Read this buying guide to find best guitar for southern rock.

It is serene and sublime. An important part of human life, no matter what, music is inevitable as it exists while working, before sleep, during workouts, and almost everywhere.

Guitar form the most important part of any band. Guitarist is the key member of a band. The person holding the guitar isn’t just cool but is definitely meant to be very talented. It takes a lot to master the talent of guitar playing.

Since the advent of guitars in the 16 century as a Spanish plucked stringed musical instrument, it has taken multiple variations. The form, style of music and tones, use for different kinds of performances have changed over time and has taken severe diversities like an omnium gatherum of guitars and it best guitar for southern rock.

Guitars form part of every kind of music whether it be Rock jazz Or pop. One of the most important musical instruments is guitar that is used to create the beauty of music.

Therefore. The Traveller Guitar 6 string. Solid body electric guitar will Should definitely be a part of any professional guitar aficionados gathering to jazz up the beauty of their collection. For the past three decades Traveller guitar has been the leading creator of full scale travel guitars and basses for the musician on the go.

The Corporation has been providing Genuine and quality products to the customers. Even after three decades, they are still focused on the same goal that is providing high quality portable solutions for mobile musicians. The Traveller Guitar 6 string solid body electric guitar Matte black is a solid masterpiece Creation of the Traveler Guitar Corporation.

Traveler Guitar Pro-Series Body and Structure-Best Guitar for Southern Rock

Top Features:

  • One-piece maple neck-through-body
  • Hybrid Acoustic and Electric with piezo and electric pickups
  • Full 24 ¾” scale acoustic/electric travel guitar
  • Fits in airline overhead bins
  • Includes gig bag and detachable lap rest
  • Guitar Pickup Configuration : Combination
  • String Gauge : Light
  • String Material : Nickel
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Guitar Bridge System: Wood
  • Compact size
  • Battery-free stethophone listening
  • Detachable lap rest
  • One-piece maple body
  • Unique design
  • Quiet playing
  • High Price
  • Pickup issues
  • Tuning issues

Does not matter if the person is professional, weekend strummer or a beginner, Everyone prefers small sizes and light weight for better convenience When it comes to travelling with an instrument. The travel Guitars pro series Is created with keeping in mind the travelling musicians.

The guitar is exclusively stylish and owes an attractive look. This guitar has the exact replica of Traveler Guitar’s original model. This piece does not owe the shape of a traditional guitar, for which it is 64% lighter and 28% shorter.

The hybrid acoustic and electric travel guitar The pro series represents Traveler guitars Original production model, which has an inbuilt in-body tuning system that uses standard tuning machines that looks like the teeth of the guitar, but it definitely isn’t. If you want to own the perfect mixture of an acoustic and an electric guitar, then the pro-Series is the one. It doesn’t have a hollow body, so no sound resonates from the body.

The unique body of the Traveler Guitar Pro series. The acoustic electric guitar has a 6 string attachment and has tonewood and neck material of Maple. It features a fretboard of ebonized rosewood.

Maple wood is incredibly strong, looks great, and stains nicely, and is native to America. Well known for Its light, creamy colour, smooth grain pattern, and impressive durability, it is loved as a perfect tonewood by guitar enthusiasts. Its tonal characteristics include good sustain with plenty of bites. It is about as dense as hard ash but is much easier to finish due to its tight grain.

The Most common fretboard material is rosewood. It gives a better and richer sound than any other hardwood material—most valuable and abundantly found hardwood currently used in guitar making. The tones and sounds of the rosewood fretboard are warm, subtle, and gives a smooth feeling.

The entire body of the guitar has nickel strings attached to it. The nickel strings are strong definitely have a richer tone with more body. This warmth is especially pleasing when used to play older genres of music, blues in particular.

The structure itself deserves a ten on ten scores for traditional travel guitar looks that can fit into an airplane head cabin, but it also has fabulous features that are natural attractants.

Traveler Guitar Pro-Series Various Parts and Specifications-Best guitar for southern rock

It has a full-scale length of 24 and a half-inch body. It has both an acoustic piezo pickup and an electric single-coil pickup that makes it multitasking and absolutely desirable. A standard ¼ inch output jack is a stand out feature as you can plug it into any recording device, amplifier, or other outputs like speakers and jazz it up anytime you want.

It has a stethophone to practice silently and doesn’t require any battery to practice. The classic stethophone helps overcome the low sound levels by electronically amplifying body sounds. It also includes a gig bag so that you can store your guitar without spending any additional fortune. The pro Series, with its portable size, literally goes anywhere you want it to be.

Sound of the Pro Series and Accessories Required-Best guitar for southern rock

The sound of the pro series of the Traveler guitar is as fiery as the looks of it. It’s aesthetic and bold. It is smooth enough for acoustic sounds but electrifying enough for an electric guitar. It has quite a playability because of the stethophone, and also the ebonized rosewood will give a warm and smooth feeling to the tones.

Unfortunately, the guitar package doesn’t come with any extra accessories apart from the basic gig bag that too for a hefty amount. You will have to spend fortunes for the other accessories and equipments for proper amplification.

The number of other equipments you may need for strumming up are amplifier, cables, straps, guitars strings, etc.

Customer Reviews and Other Options

Customers seem to be pretty satisfied with the purchase as the guitar itself has a pretty decent amount of features. Professionals loved the product more. The model is also not perfectly suitable for beginners to catch on. Some seem to be dissatisfied as it is fair enough for mass production where some products are meant to come out faulty. Some Traveler guitar modifications are required though.

You might be also interested in having a look at other guitars reviews articles like glen burton guitar review or kona thin body acoustic electric guitar review.

General Verdict on the Traveler Guitar Pro Series

I have provided detailed guide about best guitar for southern rock and As a weekly Strummer, I would definitely recommend the Traveler Guitar Pro series 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar for the value of an good guitar as it plays both acoustically as well as an electric buddy.

But for the price that you have to pay for it, the piece is only good enough for professional players who can afford to spend this much amount for a travelling kit and is not suggested to new learners. Also it doesn’t come with any extra accessories except for the gig bag. So not such a fair purchase.

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