Best Guitar for All Genres 2022-Seagull S6 QI Review!

All professional guitar players know Seagull’s reputation of providing the best quality guitars you can get in the world at the most affordable price possible, and it is the best guitar for all genres.

This sets out Seagull up a notch from other manufacturers and also sets out their guitars a standard above others. Such is the Seagull S6 QI, which is the winner of several awards and according to Seagull, is a prime example of their philosophy.

The Seagull S6 QI is praised by professionals and beginners alike for being the most value-for-money guitar they have bought. You won’t find a single buyer complaining about this purchase,because it is the best guitar for all genres.

While made with both professional and beginner players in mind, beginner players may find it a bit more expensive to start with. A professional’s eye will tell you that this is no guitar to cheap out on considering the quality it offers at its price.

It has a lovely Cedar top laminated thrice with grain of the wild cherry wood laminate, which looks absolutely beautiful. It can be purchased for its beauty alone. However, that’s not the only thing that makes it so good. It has a unique sound that can’t be found in its mahogany and maple counterparts with a tone that’s soft and strong, with tinges of warmth deep within.

If you are looking for a guitar to learn, this can be a perfect first buy as it’s extremely beginner-friendly and can last you till you become a professional, and even after that. The selling factor is that the manufacturer, Seagull, has made the guitar entirely in North America instead of Quebec, so it’s an American guitar through and through. Seagull is also known for their amazing customer service that will help you in case anything goes wrong.

In this review, we’ll discuss in-depth about the various factors of the Seagull S6 original QI acoustic-electric guitar and tell you exactly about best guitar for all genres and why you should buy it. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

Seagull S6 QI -Best Guitar for All Genres 2022

Top Features:

  • Solid cedar pressure tested top.
  • Double action truss rod.
  • Tapered headstock that provides stability and precisement.
  • Fully compensated saddle.
  • Godin QI system.
  • Saddle transducer.
  • S6 QI is part of Seagull’s original series of guitars.
  • Completely made in North America.
  • Fully customizable tonal frequencies.
  • Triple laminated wild cherry grain finish.
  • Premium quality at a budget price.
  • Price may intimidate new beginners.
  • Some may not like tapered headstock for their design.
  • The unique wild cherry sound may not appeal to everyone.
  • May require a professional set-up for perfect tuning.

Various factors make the Seagull S6 QI a guitar worthy of all its praise and accolades –

Seagull S6 QI Body-Best guitar for all genres

The guitar comes in a shorter size dreadnought shape with a laminated layer. This lamination is layered thrice with wild cherry wood for extra durability and sturdiness. The back and sides are also constructed of wild cherry with the fingerboard and bridge being made of rosewood.

The neck is Seagull’s favorite silver-leaf maple. The top is made of solid Cedar and has a custom polished finish that looks clean, smooth, and brilliant. Like all Seagull guitars, they feature Tusq nuts and saddles.

This fully compensated saddle helps the S6 play in-tune all over the neck without any sweat. You can play around with the various tonal frequencies until you find the best one for yourself. Also, while most Seagull guitars are made in Quebec, the Seagull S6 is made in North America making it an American guitar through and through.

One more notable feature, though you may already know this, is that each Seagull guitar comes with a tapered headstock and integrated neck which makes the guitar much sturdier and good-built. We guarantee that you’ll be hard stuck to find an original North American guitar with quality this good coming at a price point this low!

Seagull S6 QI Sound-Best all genres guitar

Due to the wild cherry laminated on the body, the guitar acquires a special, unique sound that is very unlike that of its mahogany and maple rivals. It makes the guitar sound special, something different than others.

Coming with the Seagull S6 is the Godin EPM QI acoustic guitar system that is simple in design and outstanding in performance. It has an extremely responsive saddle transducer that is carefully matched to side mount electronics.

Not only that, but the EQ control range and frequency content have been specifically contoured to provide a very rich and exact sound reproduction resulting in performance only seen in pricier systems.

The punch on the guitar packs quite an impact, both with the sonic boom and also its value. The S6 has mellow and strong tones and can be warm as well if tuned properly. The fully compensated saddle allows any form of in-tune playing on all parts of the neck, ensuring that your tonal frequencies are fully custom and according to your preference.

Seagull S6 QI Comfort

The guitar is made for all types of players – professionals, beginners, intermediate, and even collectors due to its amazing design. If you as a beginner have doubts regarding whether you should buy the guitar or not, then stop worrying and just make the purchase, because this is one of the most beginner-friendly guitars you can find.

You can go for a cheaper alternative and save money, but the price per performance ratio the Seagull S6 gives us is simply unbelievable. The quality of this guitar is amazing and can appeal to everyone, even non-players. It’s comfortable to play with because of the soft laminated top.

The neck size is just perfect and the custom tonal frequencies are sure welcomed. The fretboard is also just the perfect length for playing so that when you have it in your hands, the discomfort will be the last thing on your mind. It can be played out of the box but for the perfect tuning, you might need a professional to set-up your guitar for you if you don’t know how to.

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Seagull S6 QI Conclusion

There are very few guitars out there that provide the same quality and sound as a premium guitar at the price of a budget guitar. It’s almost an impossible feat to do but the S6 QI does exactly that. It has an amazing finish from the wild cherry and sounds beautiful and special to the owner of the guitar. It can be used by all kinds of guitar players,that’s the reason it is best guitar for all genres, whether it be professional or beginner. And trust us when we say this – You won’t regret a single dollar after buying the Seagull S6 QI.

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