Best Guitar for Ambient Music 2022-Seagull Entourage Review!

Are you looking for best guitar for ambient music? Don’t worry, here is complete guide about the best guitar for ambient music. I will explain in this buying guide. Stay with me.

Can you find the interconnectedness between a metallic wire and a wooden plank with your peace of mind? Be it the buzzing of bees, the chirping of birds, the flawless sound of flowing water, and the easy breeze or the heart-throbbing noise of the thunder, every sound add to the beauty if the Almighty’s creation. The pattern of sounds mingled with tunes of inner voice, resonates with the rhythm of soul to create soothing music that humans use to convey emotions.

It us said ” music expresses feeling better than words do! “

An instrument just adds fuel to fire. Yesss, coming to the question that has been asked in the very first line is the musical instrument called guitar which is made out of wood, metallic or nylon wires. Usually having six strings, it is typically played with both hands by strumming the strings with either a guitar pick or fingers and the sound of the vibrating strings is projected acoustically by means of the hollow chambers. This piece of instrument has seen a lot of development over the years.

One such staggering creation of the Sea gull production is the Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst Acoustic Guitar. Sea gull community is a Canadian company providing quality service to the customers since 1982 with handmade guitars by local workers who have their share of experience in the art of wood and engineering the work of instrument making that work with a great dedication towards sustainability Sourcing all of the wood and continuously striving towards reducing their overall environmental impact as a company.

Let’s get started to explain about best guitar for ambient music.

Seagull 046492 Entourage – Best Guitar for Ambient Music 2022

Now let’s carefully scrutinise the various specifications, body structure and other aspects in detail.

Product Details:

  • Colour: Autumn Burst
  • Top Material Type: Spruce
  • Body Material Canadian: Wild Cherry
  • Back Material Type: Wild Cherry
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood
  • Guitar Pickup Configuration: No pickup
  • Top Material: Spruce
  • Neck Material Type: Silver Leaf Maple
  • Number of Strings: 6
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds
  • Eye catchy white binding is a great attractant to consumer eyes
  • Affordable price value for beginners guitar and is a virtue that such a great guitar with amazing quality
  • Excellent sound produced because of the material selection
  • Autumn burst finish that gives it a admirable look
  • Solid spruce top strong enough for rough use.
  • Dreadnought/full-size guitars for adults and also for comfortable grip
  • Solid pressure tested spruce top
  • Incredible, clear, note-defining volumes produced with the product
  • Integrated set neck that definitely promises better sound and strength to the neck but is very difficult to be repaired

Seagull 046492 Entourage Body and Structure-best guitar for ambient music

The Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst Acoustic Guitar is a perfect match for autumnal changes where Seagull designed it very own fantastic model of an acoustic guitar with variety of features, quality and genuine materials.

This guitar is a virtuous piece of instrument that can be boasted, bragged about and strummed up at any gathering, camping, get together, parties or for just casual practice.

Basically it is an entry level guitar which is really easy to learn on and practice for beginners although it is also a perfect acoustic guitar for evening outings and open mics. It owns fabulous and mind blowing material over its full length body and for a entry level guitar it is much more valuable for its given price and quality.

The body has tone wood material as Canadian wild cherry for back and sides, topped with spruce wood and neck material as silver leaf maple and a fret board of Rosewood. Fine hand picked material makes the guitar a full proof brand quality guitar.

Wild cherry, pretty prevalent in North America is a wide spread wood. Canadian wild cherry is a smooth-grained, reddish-brown hardwood. It’s well known for its colour and ageing process. Wild cherry sounds excellent that’s not very peculiar but has great basic up front sound and also makes the tones treble better.

Spruce is also used in the guitar body as top material. Spruce is the most popular wood used for guitar tops, and recognisable by its pale colour and understated figuring. It has all kinds of tonal variations that make it an all rounder with soft, smooth and warm resonances. Spruce executed with any other hardwood makes satisfying combination for good music production.

Rosewood on fret board, another excellent choice. The rosewood fret board is durable and strong and the sound produced is rich, warm with a very smooth feeling. It stains different for which it appears in a number of colours, all of which look beautiful.

The neck material is very significant. Neck is the part that projects the fretboard from the body of the guitar. And is the part that the guitarist interacts with the most. Therefore, maple for a neck wood is a great match as its unique colour, smooth grain and strength makes  it a popular choice among guitar Aficionados. It has less reaction from environmental changes than other hardwoods. Its tone is highly reflective, and focuses more energy onto the body wood.

The six string classic arrangement is made up of steel strings. The steel string guitars produce a sharper, crisper and louder sound. They are firmly pressed to the board to produce just adequate sound for the form of the guitar.

The nut on the guitar is of TUSQ.

Seagull 046492 Entourage – Sound-best guitar for ambient music

The dreadnought shape undoubtedly gives you a balanced note. Your first impression of the guitar would be pretty elegant because of its sunburst look. But it has balanced note with a slight bend towards mid and trebles. Very satisfying to hit the lower strings for sharp notes. Although the low end sound is very pure and rich. Maybe too rich for heavy handed players.

The guitar takes both finger picking as well as strumming really well. So overall it is lovely to start with this as an entry level guitar.

Hardware and other accessories needed with Seagull 046492 Entourage Autumn Burst Acoustic Guitar

Unfortunately a beginner will be disappointed to know that the entire package itself is the guitar only and actually doesn’t come with anything else. Although a budget friendly guitar, it is not very alluring that the package doesn’t have any extra accessories with it.

But as you are spending a handful of money for the piece, it will be wise enough to spend another fortune for some required accessories like a gig bag to protect your guitar, picks, extra set of stock strings, tuners to tune your guitar regularly so that they don’t loosen up soon and a guitar strap for more convenient hold, handling and portability.

Final Verdict on the Seagull 046492 Entourage Autumn Burst Acoustic Guitar

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The customer reviews are good going all over the world and did love every single unique and detailed part of the guitar that helps them achieve their desired performance point with minimum struggle on the model. The integrated set neck is peculiar to the Sea gull production as it is strong, durable and doesn’t give up to environmental abuses but customers didn’t seem to like it for it is difficult to be repaired.

Although a good choice is about to be made by you regarding the Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst Acoustic Guitar, it is best guitar for ambient music and you can still linger around other choices for better experience like The Ibanez Artwood AW4000-BS which in itself is a stunning acoustic guitar in the entry level category.

Since it’s an entry level guitar, any novice can easily start practicing it directly out of the packaging. It’s is budget friendly and has Marvellous classy looks. It is one of the best guitars to start with and also to  savour it in your collection.

As a guitar player myself, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a trendy piece of absolutely fine artwork in their collection. It’s worth every penny as a valuable purchase. It is a top-notch choice amongst a number of dreadnought guitars.

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