Best Guitar for Alternative Rock-Martin Master Acoustic Guitar Review!

Are you rock music lover and looking for best guitar for alternative rock? Then you are on right place and read this complete buying guide.

Would you believe if I said that a man in the UK being infatuated by the mesmerizing beautiful of his guitar, fell in love with and got married to his Fender Guitar’s Stratocaster?

Yes, I strongly believe that this is absolutely insane and astonishing but isn’t it true that people do love their possessions unconditionally and some can even go to any extent for them!

The love for music is so immensely deep rooted in the nerves of some humans that they don’t commiserate with any other humans or inanimate things around them but are extremely fond of their passion for music and love their instruments a lot and this is best guitar for alternative rock.

Falling in love with guitar sounds so obvious. Just the vintage, classy look of it is enough to hypnotise you. Guitar’s are alluring and captivating stringed instruments that has evolved in their form and work over these years.

One such fascinating acoustic guitar is the Martin Guitar D-15M Street Master Acoustic Guitar. The Martin is an age old company that has been established since 1833, it’s like the age of our great grand parents. Almost two centuries of history, dedicated service and a number of changes, Martin & Co. stands as a popular and renowned company in the field of guitar making.

Since ages when the concept of sustainability didn’t even exist, Martin are known for more than their unrivalled quality, craftsmanship, and tone. They are backed by our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

A crossover guitar between Martin’s classic creation of the previous era and the post depression era that appears with all body solid mahogany construction. The Guitar stands somewhere between the original majestic structure of a traditional guitar and the contemporary feels of a modern guitar. Martin Guitar’s D-15M Acoustic Guitar is an awe-inspiring masterpiece of the production. The satin touch on the exterior gives a glossy and lustrous look.

Let’s deep dive about best guitar for alternative rock.

Martin Acoustic Guitar-Best Guitar for Alternative Rock

Let’s unravel the various features like body, structure and other specifications and details in particular.

Top Features:

  • Tone wood: All sides, back, top and neck formed out of mahogany hardwood that gather up to the piece exclusive good and strong quality
  • Fret board: East Indian rosewood most commonly used fretboard is durable and resonates well
  • Phosphor Bronze Strings that will enlighten you into a warm, bright and an amazing acoustic tone
  • Hand orientation: Right, that is perfectly in balance for most of the population around the globe
  • Colour: Mahogany burst, the guitar is wrapped in the vintage and classy look of mahogany dust that is seen as one of the most loved and admired colours by guitar aficionados
  • An entirely high-end guitar, well not suggested to be used by beginners as an entry level guitar and is better for professionals
  • Significantly amazing wooden look that poses like a big piece of eye candy
  • An appreciable guitar with a fair enough price and is budget friendly
  • Solid wood Mahogany construction that can endure adverse changes in environment and will keep the instrument strong as well as beautiful enough as years pass by
  • A full size traditional dreadnought shape as loved and preferred by most players because of the rounded shoulders and the perfect balance between size and projection of the fingerboard.
  • Constructed in the USA that reflects genuineness and quality for stage performances and limited warranty on the product by the company
  • Non scalloped bracing that takes more efforts to create responsiveness
  • Satin finish, although it’s a virtue that it looks damn good as a finish on the wood in the earlier months will eventually become shiny over use and the material being soft will not protect the look of the guitar
  • Doesn’t come with a lot of extra accessories

Martin Guitar D-15M Body and Structure Reviews-Best guitar for alternative rock

Very minimal yet exceptional and exquisite choice of materials like solid mahogany and rosewood for the contrivance of the guitar is splendid and worth praising.

Solid Mahogany models have not always admired by users but Martin has Bought it back with much simplicity. Mahogany is one of most commonly used hardwood that currently employed in the making of guitars. It is abundant in nature, thus it economically helps and never fails because of it’s durability and attractiveness. It provides more of a twangier and parlour kind of tone.

Those who know something about the mahogany are well aware of the warm and rich tone. Although because of heavy wood, it’s subtle and doesn’t have any sharp intonation. Mahogany makes for a very stable neck due to it’s even density reducing the risk of warping. Mahogany has a thick bottom end, a controlled high end, and a perfect midrange.

The fairly open pores help in better absorption of the vibration of the strings producing deeper and fatter tones.

Rosewood on fret board, another excellent choice. The rosewood fret board is durable and strong and the sound produced is rich, warm with a very smooth feeling. It stains different for which it appears in a number of colours, all of which look beautiful. It is simply appealing and provides rich warm tones and has the ability to supress high end harshness. Brazilian Rosewood is a very hard and dense wood that  has an amazing handling.

The dreadnought shape with a satin finish undoubtedly gives a full resonance when strummed up. It is both for fingerstyle picking or strumming with picks.

Martin Acoustic Guitar Sound Reviews-Best guitar for alternative rock

Martin Guitar D-15M  is a popular choice for its professional sound, dovetail neck, dreadnought size, premium handcrafted guitars that strongly value for sustainability in every model of theirs, can be used for late night campfire sessions, practice or casual jamming sessions and it’s doesn’t even matter even if you are trying to hit rock, pop, jazz or bluegrass tones.

Aren’t the strings in a guitar model The most important?! Duhh! The guitar strings produce sound by vibration against wind, so they are pretty much the heart of the instrument. The Martin D-15M uses a classic 6 string arrangement of 92/8 phosphor bronze strings.

They produce a natural sound and as the fate of the guitar is to create warmer, deeper tones, the string fits perfect. Phosphor bronze strings are not prone to erosion but they natural sweat and oils from your finger tip may cause some loss. But this talk of the problem is way before you have to actually face it.

Overall the sound is subtle but depends on the guitarist, how well the intonations can be turned in by the use of this absolute stunning beauty.

Hardware and Accessories Needed With Martin Guitar D-15M Street Master Acoustic Guitar

The guitar efficiently comes with a gig case and not only to suffice you with a nylon case but to actually make you and your instrument happy, it comes with a hard case to protect your financially efficient purchase.

But this is not everything, actual guitar players have to own a lot of other equipments too and you actually have to take the pain, time and heart to spend a fortune for guitar strap, extra picks, tuners, extra set of stock strings and a guitar humidifier.

This would cost you a drill but this is totally fine because of the money you save from the purchase in the first place.

Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar Customer Reviews

There is no doubt that Martin Guitar D-15M Street Master Acoustic Guitar is loved by everyone and it is best guitar for alternative rock. Professionals are actually proud to own it in their collection. Overwhelming comments have been read in praise of the model and a very pieces stand up to the benchmark set by guitar reviewers and Martin D-15M is one of them.

If you are not satisfied with the Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar, you are always welcome to browse around a number of acoustic guitar in this range like the Blue Ridge BR-163A Historic Craftsman series and the Martin’s D-16RGT series that never fails to give satisfactory results and astonish you.

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Final Verdict on the Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar

The Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar is a Masterstroke by the two century old guitar company. The piece continues to galvanize every one to collect it once they have got the taste of it.

I would definitely recommend buying this useful guitar for this value and obviously it should not be mistaken as an entry- level guitar and is purely a high end and best guitar for alternative rock to be strummed up by professionals and no matter what the guitar is always going to be unmatched for its elegance,

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