Best Ibanez Acoustic Guitar for Beginners – Artwood Acoustic Guitar!

Ibanez’s bridge pins are known around the world for their uniqueness but what Ibanez is also known for is their Artwood series of guitars. This article will guide you about best ibanez acoustic guitar for beginners.

This series of guitars combines both the old classical style of a guitar while withholding the newer, contemporary elements of the instrument. This guitar right here combines both of the styles flawlessly, and with grace.

It is crafted so meticulously and precisely, that when you have it in your hand, only then you truly realize the regal feel that outflows from this guitar. It looks vintage, like a grandfather clock one would have in their home but sounds as if it was just made yesterday. It’s an entry-level acoustic guitar and the sounds you get from the guitar, amplified by the mahogany wood, truly holds to the famous Ibanez name. Even though it is supposed to be a budget guitar, it delivers performance well above a budget guitar while looking classy as well.

When you get the Ibanez AW54OPN, which is short for ArtWood 54 Open Pore Natural, you’ll be entranced by the richness of the sound and the looks of the guitar. Even though a budget guitar, it feels something fit for kings. One look at the guitar and you understand the classical concept that went behind its design, which truly makes you appreciate it, especially at such a budget price point.

Lets start with full review about best ibanez acoustic guitar for beginners.

Ibanez AW54OPN Review:Best ibanez acoustic guitar for beginners

Let’s look at the features, specifications, pros, and cons of the Ibanez Artwood guitar in an immaculately detailed review.

Ibanez Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Body

The body is dreadnought with a traditional full-size, six-string guitar with sides and back in rich laminated mahogany. It has a 23 fret fingerboard and neck made of rosewood, which offers an extremely aesthetically pleasing feel and look. The crown on the Ibanez Artwood is made of Mahogany, which looks strikingly beautiful covered in satin black color. Even though the finish doesn’t have any kind of sheen, that does not mean it’s disadvantageous for you. On the other hand, its open pore finish offers extra clear sound resonance and crisp audio projection. Its tuners are made of chrome die-cast and thus are extremely shiny. The strings are quality D’Addario EXP strings that are taut, flexible, and sensitive to the faintest vibrations.

Ibanez Artwood Acoustic Guitar Color

The color of the Ibanez Artwood is rich brown thanks to its mahogany wood. The crown is in a darker shade of brown than the rest of the body that suits the guitar’s overall look. It looks classy, feels expensive, and gives off a vintage vibe. It’s a perfect design that combines both modern and traditional style and works for both, a classical lover or a contemporary artist. It’ll increase the pride of any collection that it’ll be brought into.

Ibanez AW54OPN Sound-Best ibanez acoustic guitar for beginners

As much as Ibanez is famous for its electronic lines, it’s also famous for its acoustic series and AW54OPN is a prime example of that. Due to the mahogany wood, the guitar gives very deep, full, and warm tones. It has a loud bass with especially powerful notes on the mid to upper ranges. The sound sustains well and comes off effortlessly crisp and crystal clear. However, its bass does not go overboard and is very simple to control. Thus, we are bestowed with a sound so amazing from the AW54OPN that it blows its other acoustic contenders in the same price bracket, out of the market.

Ibanez Artwood Acoustic Guitar Comfort

Since it’s an entry-level guitar, it’s really beginner-friendly and a novice player can start playing it immediately out of the box.  The Ivorex II nut and saddle helps you hold the guitar very comfortably. The texture of the wood is smooth and it’s really cozy.

The strings are of premium quality and won’t scratch your fingers even if you play them by hand. One caution that needs to be practiced is due to the wood being open-pore it can absorb oil off your hands. So make sure you wash your hands every time before playing the guitar so as to not weaken its wood.

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Ibanez AW54OPN Artwood Mahogany Overall Review-Best ibanez acoustic guitar for beginners

The Ibanez Artwood AW54OPN acoustic guitar is a top-notch choice for anyone who is looking for a good guitar in a budget price bracket. Even though it is supposed to be a budget guitar, there will never be one moment where the quality will feel cheap or inexpensive.

In fact, comparing it to the dreadnought guitars which are more expensive than the AW54OPN, you can find it’s better than most of them and goes toe-to-toe with others in terms of quality and performance. The guitar has a rich, crisp, and warm intonation because of the mahogany wood. Lest we forget, the company who makes it, Ibanez, is known for their incredible Advantage bridge pins which makes stretching and changing strings a lot easier.

Be it novice or professional, this guitar appeals to everyone with its warm and rich sound. Ibanez has inculcated many features in the guitar that offer a rich and wholesome experience to anyone who plays it. Not only players who are fond of acoustic can play this guitar but also those who like blues and rocks, or any soft music, and have a love for mahogany can also purchase this guitar and be satisfied with the performance.

This guitar is an absolute bang on the buck for the price point and is a must buy if your budget is tight.

Top Features:

  • Mahogany wood offers rich, warm, luscious, and warm intonations that produce tones that fill your heart with delight.
  • Advantage bridge pins, which are quality pins that make the process of changing and stretching strings a lot easier. This way even a beginner can learn how to change strings.
  • The satin finish on the back of the neck makes sure you get minimal abrasions on hot, sweaty fingers. This means you can play the guitars for hours without a problem.
  • Since the guitar is open pore it allows for full resonance and sound projection. This makes sure that the warm and full sound produced from the mahogany is expressed clear and crisp.
  • Extremely beginner-friendly. The advantage bridge pins make changing strings so easier that even a novice player can pull it off. Equip that with a satin-back neck finish to avoid abrasions and you have a guitar perfect for beginners.
  • Bang for the buck. The AW54OPN blows other acoustic guitars out of the budget price bracket. Its sound is comparable to the more expensive acoustic and dreadnought guitars.
  • Classic, vintage look. The mahogany wood gives it a very classy and regal look. Whichever collection it goes in it’ll find itself to be the pride of that collection.
  • Warm, full acoustic tones that come off crystal-clear and crisp. This is due to mahogany wood and open pore. The sound produced is really warm from the wood and is expressed clearly because of open pore.
  • While the open pore offers amazing sound projection, if the player is not careful and uses the guitar with oily or wet hands then it’ll damage the wood.
  • The classy vintage look may not appeal to someone who is looking for a more modern-looking guitar.

Final Verdict!

If you are someone who loves classy guitars and is willing to care for them properly, then this guitar is for you and it is best ibanez acoustic guitar for beginners. It’s simply too amazing a deal to miss considering its cheap price. Even if you are a novice or a professional, just go for it. You won’t regret it.

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