How To Tell If My Guitar Strings Are Dead?-What To Know?

If you are a beginner at playing guitar, you’ll be unaware of the fact that guitar strings need to be replaced after intervals. Mostly, those who don’t play guitar or even those who have just started playing guitar are unaware that guitar strings die after a specific interval and need a replacement. I know you’re thinking about how to tell if my guitar strings are dead?

Well, it needs professional experience to determine whether or not you need to replace your guitar strings or not. But, why worry when I am here to help you out in this. 

It takes a little bit of careful observation to check out whether your guitar strings are still functional or dead.

In this article, I am going to briefly inform you about different signs to check your guitar strings

Moreover, I will also be sharing simple techniques and methods to increase the life span of your guitar strings. 

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Signs That Your Guitar Strings Are No More Functional:

for a professional guitarist, it is pretty easy to identify the life of his guitar strings and know how to tell if my guitar strings are dead.  

But, as a beginner, you don’t have enough know-how of guitars, so it will be difficult for you to identify any faults in strings without any exterior help. 

For that exterior help, I am here to give you complete details of obvious signs to identify whether your guitar strings are dead or not. These are given below:

Your Guitar Doesn’t Tune Properly:

Normally, it lasts for an extended period when you tune your guitar. But when you feel that your guitar doesn’t hold the tune for a while, it means that your strings need to be replaced. 

In the case of dead guitar strings, your guitar will not hold onto the tune properly and will lose the tune shortly.

Tone Seems Dull:

When you buy a guitar, you’ll notice that it sounds fresh and amazing. Its tone is so bright and refreshing. As the guitar gets older, the quality of style decreases gradually. 

If you are a beginner, you must keep in mind that you need to notice whether your guitar sounds fresh or dull and boring after a few months. 

If the tone quality gets low and feels dizzy, it is an indication that your guitar strings are dead and need to be replaced. 

Junk Under The Guitar Strings:

Let’s do an activity, put your finger under the strings and on the fretboard, touch the strings upside down with the soft part of your finger. 

If you can feel there are bumps in the strings, it is an indication that your strings are not functional anymore. These bumps are basically due to the accumulation of oils and dead skins cells under the strings. 

Fretboard Is Dirty:

Scratch the surface of your guitar’s fretboard with your fingernails. If there is debris on the fretboard, you’ll need to change the strings. 

But, only changing strings will not be helpful. To achieve better progress, you’ll also need to remove that finger sludge out of your fretboard. 

Your Guitar Strings Are Discolored:

Over time, when you use your guitar, the color of the strings fades away slowly. You can compare the color of strings with those parts which are not used or touched by your fingers during practice. 

If the color of guitar strings is faded, it means you need to replace your guitar strings immediately. 

Increased Stiffness In The Strings:

When you practice your guitar, oils secreted and dead cells from your fingers mix up with the strings and add to the stiffness of your guitar strings. 

When you feel during practice that your guitar strings are quite stiff and hard, it is an indication that your strings are expired and cannot be used for further practice. 

You Feel The Need To Wash Your Hands After Playing:

Another sign of dead strings is when you feel the need to wash your hands properly after practicing. 

Since fretboard and strings get dirty with ginger sludge, your hands will feel dirty after practice. In such a case, you must get the idea that your guitar strings are dead. 

Tips To Increase The Life Span Of Strings:

After reading all these signs of dead strings, now you can easily differentiate between a new and deadly guitar string. 

But, what if I tell you that you can use your guitar strings for relatively more period than expected. 

Yes, it is true. By proper care of your guitar strings, you can increase the life span of your strings. Here are a few tips for doing so:

Clean Your Hands Before Playing:

As I told you, finger sludge is one of the core reasons for the death of your strings. If you can control finger sludge, you can increase the life span of your strings. 

It can happen only when you wash your hands properly before practicing. It will protect the strings from extra oils and debris. 

Wipe With A Thick Cloth:

Another way to decrease the debris on your guitar is to wipe your guitar strings upside down with a thick cloth. 

By cleaning your guitar fretboard and strings daily with a cloth, you’ll prevent the accumulation of dust and finger sludge on the strings. 

Use Of Coated Strings:

Another most common practice is the use of coated strings for your guitars. These strings are coated to prevent corrosion and dust particles from destroying strings. 

If you are a daily player, you must use these specially made strings for your guitar. 

Boil Your Strings:

One of the most convenient ways of increasing the life span of strings is to boil them for a few minutes. 

It will remove accumulated finger sludge and dirt from the strings. This method can restore strings to some extent, but still, it is helpful. 

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Final Words: 

In short, if you notice a lot of dirt and debris on your guitar and are unable to tune correctly, you must be aware that your strings are no more functional. Yes, you can still use those dead strings, but these will not give you the proper tone and sound. Therefore, you will need to change your strings. I have tried my best to tackle your question of how to tell if my guitar strings are dead

I hope now you are able you differentiate between fresh and old strings. If you like this article, do give your opinion below. Have a nice day!

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