How To Restring An Electric Guitar Fender?

Changing electric guitar strings is not as difficult as we consider it. If you are a new guitarist and do not know how to restring your guitar and take your guitar to a guitar shop for restringing, it is the right time to learn how to restring an electric guitar fender. The strings of electric guitars need to be replaced more frequently than those of classical guitars or steel strings.

Depending on the use of guitars, players change the strings, usually every month or sooner. Expert players make sure to change the strings every 3-4 weeks to maintain their guitar practice healthy.

If you have clicked on this article, it surely means that you want to know more about the restringing process of your fender electric guitar.

I am pretty sure whether you are an expert guitarist or a newbie, you need to learn about how to restring an electric guitar fender properly.

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Signs Of Dead Strings:

It needs years of experience and practice to be able to find out about your dead strings. But, you do not need to worry about it anymore. I will guide you completely through the process of pointing out faulty or dead strings.

 In the following, I am going to explain a few signs to tell you whether the strings of your guitar are healthy or dead. Read it carefully:

Dull Tone:

If the sound of your guitar is dull, no matter how hard you are trying to play it.

It is an indication that your guitar strings are not in good condition and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Don’t Tune Properly:

Usually, it remains in the same tune for weeks when you tune your guitar. But when you feel that your guitar does not tune properly or when it tunes, it does not hold the tune properly for long and detune soon.

These are an indication of the fact that the strings of your guitar are dead. You need to replace them as soon as possible.

Hard Strings:

When you play your guitar and feel that your guitar strings are extra stiff than normal, it is pretty hard to play such strings.

It is an obvious sign of dead strings. Stiffness is due to oils and dead skin cells accumulated in the strings.  

You Feel The Need To Wash Your Hands:

Over the period, due to extensive use, your guitar strings get dirty due to oils and dead skins cells along with dirt from the atmosphere.

So, when you feel that you need to wash your hands after playing the guitar, you must change the strings in no time.

Discolored Strings:

Splotchy strings are another sign of dead strings. You can analyze the strings by looking at those parts involved in playing guitar to those not affected.

If you could find a huge difference in color, make sure to go for the restringing of your guitar.

Steps To Restring A Fender Electric Guitar:

When it comes to restringing your guitar, you need to be extra careful, in case you are a beginner, to avoid any accident caused due to the tension in the strings.

It is not a big deal for experts to change the strings, but it can be pretty dangerous for a beginner.

So, if you are a beginner, you can successfully replace the strings of your guitar by simply following these steps:

Required Tools:

First of all, you need to have a few basic and essential tools to help you restring carefully. These include:

  1. A digital tuner
  2. A string cutter
  3. A string winder
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Two towels

Buy New Strings:

The first step towards restringing is the purchase of new guitar strings. For that, you need to select proper strings for your guitar. Strings are known based on gauge, and it is a method to measure the width of the strings.

To select the correct gauge, you need to ask someone expert at the store to help you buy a suitable pair of strings for your guitar.

Detune Your Guitar:

First, you need to remove old strings from your guitar to install new strings. For that, instead, you will have to detune your guitar strings one by one until there is no tension in the strings.

It will loosen your guitar strings and avoid the chances of accidents due to the tension in the strings.

Remove Old Strings:

After that, you need to take the cutter and cut the strings into halves, usually from the point where the neck meets the guitar body. It will remove the string without any harm to you.

Repeat this process for all the strings. You will not need to cut the strings. Old strings cannot be reused to play guitar, but those can be recycled.

Clean The Fretboard:

Once your old strings are removed and your guitar’s fretboard is empty. You need to take a thick cloth and clean your guitar’s fretboard with it properly.

It is essential to maximize the output from your guitar after the installation of new strings.

Install New Strings:

Now that your fretboard is clean, you can install new strings on the guitar. While installing new strings, one thing to remember is not to tighten the strings too much.

It is because these strings can be used for tuning the guitar. If you tighten the strings too much, there are chances that the strings will snap. So, to avoid any accident, make sure to tune your guitar strings usually.

You can further tune them according to your tuner.

Stretch And Tune The Guitar:

To make your strings familiar with a new tension, you need to perform a stretching test on your guitar. After that, take the tuner and tune your guitar accordingly.

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Final Thoughts:

In this short article, I have tried my best to tackle your question of how to restring an electric guitar fender. I have tried to provide you with a complete set of information to help you restart your guitar on your own. Restringing needs a little bit of careful observation and practice.

I hope you learned what you came for. I will see you in some other article. Till then, have a nice day!

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