How To Play Guitar With Short Fingers? | Learn With Easy Steps

With the developments in the music industry, it has now become a symbol of being classy and cool to play the guitar. There is a considerable lot of craze among all age groups regarding music, especially guitars. But there is this misconception related to playing the guitar: all great guitarists have large hands. If you also have short hands and usually question yourself about how to play Guitar with Short Fingers, well, there is no need to worry.

Yeah, we can say that having long fingers can help a lot in learning and playing the guitar, but it doesn’t mean that those having short fingers can’t play the guitar.

There are specific techniques and methods which can be used to play the guitar like a pro despite having short fingers.

So, get out of sadness, read and follow my instructions and tips so you can play the guitar like an expert. Here are a few tips for playing the guitar with short fingers and giving them a read.

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Ways To Play Guitar With Short Hands:

I have gathered a complete method for making you play the guitar with your shorthands or fingers that you would love doing.

There is much to offer for a person like you who is crazy about playing the guitar but cannot play it. Let’s start describing this out.

Step 1: Choose The Right Guitar

When we buy a guitar, we usually get attracted to a bit of fancy and heavy guitars. These guitars are generally in full size, specifically for those with large hands.

Our attraction to bulky dreadnought acoustics is genuine due to their appealing looks. Still, these are specifically designed for large hands.

It will only be a waste of time and money if you try to buy and practice one of these guitars despite having shorthands.

So, before deciding to buy a guitar, make sure to have proper information about the product you are going to buy. Some companies do make ¾ size guitars that are best suitable for shorthands.

Always buy such a guitar which is according to your size.

Step 2: Stretch Your Fingers

We see athletes stretch their legs before a race to attain flexibility and energy. For a musician, especially a guitarist, it is necessary to try his hands to achieve flexibility and warmth for playing the guitar.

Usually, problems arise due to a lack of flexibility, not because of shorthands. So, make sure to adopt a proper stretching routine for your hands.

You can start with a simple stretching of your fingers or massaging your fingers and arms. Maintain this routine to keep your hands ready for playing the guitar.

So, make sure to stretch your fingers in different directions in different ways.

Step 3: Move Your Wrist Forward

To maximize your reach on guitar, you need to move your wrist. Unlike those having large hands, you need to alter the position of your wrist to make maximum use of your hand on the guitar.

You should move your wrist forward, so that the neck of the guitar is placed on your wrist.

Do not have your hand behind the neck with your fingers curling around the neck, as it will minimize your reach to the strings.

Step 4: Have A Perfect Posture

For playing the guitar, your posture plays a significant role. Before practicing the guitar, make sure you use the correct posture and technique.

Mainly, keeping your thumb on the neck injures your thumb. So, try to reposition it behind the neck, not on the neck.

It will help you avoid injuries to your thumb since the movement of strings on the neck can actively injure your thumb. It would be even better if you put the thumb in the middle of the neck.

Step 5: Use Light Strings

Regardless of which guitar you are using, always make sure to select those strings that are easy and comfortable to use for your guitar.

Light strings can be the best choice for you, in this case, for your tiny hands. These strings work well with less force and also help you stretch your fingers on the fretboard easily. Electric strings tend to be lighter than acoustic steel strings for practice.

And if you are a true beginner, you can use nylon strings for practice that are lighter than electric and acoustic steel strings.

Step 6: Use Your Pinky Finger

It is tempting to forget your pinky finger and use only three fingers when you are a beginner. But it is advised to use your pinky finger as it helps a lot when you need to stretch three or four frets from your finger.

Yeah, for some chords, a pinky figure is useless, but having a solid pinky can be a lifesaver mostly. I know you’ll think that we have seen many top guitarists avoid using pinky fingers than why we use it.

It is easy to get away with pinky if you have big hands. Still, in your case, you are learning how to play guitar with short fingers, so you’ll have to use your pinky to play more guitar dimensions.

Step 7: Practice A Lot And Don’t Give Up.

We have heard that practice makes a man perfect, Right? To become a great guitarist, you have to practice a lot for a long time since perfection comes with practice.

And don’t ever try to give up. It is difficult to become an exceptional guitarist with certain physical limitations. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can become a great guitarist.

We have seen many great guitarists who, despite having small hands, kept their spirits high and became exceptional in their talent. If you are capable enough not to give up and practice a lot, you’ll become the greatest guitarist ever born.

Initially, it seems like having big hands can assure you to become a good guitarist. Yeah, everyone knows there are certain limitations but, with proper guidance, practice, and tips, anyone, even with short hands, can master guitar.

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Final Thoughts:

Finally, you came here looking for the answer to the question, “How to play guitar with short fingers?” If you have made it down to these lines, I hope you are anxious enough to learn guitar. I hope all the above-given information has helped you in a way to learn guitar despite having small hands.

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