How To Mount A Guitar On The Wall Horizontally? | Guitar Mounting Guide

If you are looking to display your guitar on the wall but want it to stand out, how can you mount it so that it stands out on the wall? It is a question that every guitar player has asked at some point. Suppose you are facing the same problem and want a comprehensive solution for this problem. In that case, this article will show you how to mount a guitar on the wall horizontally.

The guitar is relatively heavy and hard to store. So, you will probably want to display it attractively. But it can be so challenging to choose how to display it. You can’t just nail it to the wall like a poster, or you’ll risk damaging the instrument. You can’t just lay it on a shelf because it will get damaged from exposure to dust and debris.

Therefore, mounting guitar horizontally is usually best instead of vertically or on a stand. Mounting guitar on the wall horizontally is a fun and easy project that can transform your room from a cluttered mess to a display of tasteful talent. That’s why you need to learn how to mount a guitar on the wall horizontally.

So, come with me, and I’ll lead you towards your destination in a better way.

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How To Hang Guitar Horizontally On The Wall?-Detailed Procedure:

So, you have a guitar, but where do you put it to stay in its playable state and look good on your wall. Follow the process, and you will be able to hang your guitar horizontally quickly and easily.

Get The Required Material And Hanger:

You need to get the required materials and hangers for hanging your guitar horizontally on the wall. You should get a good quality horizontal hanger and screws for it.

Make sure your screws are reasonable in length to fit tightly in the wall and hold your guitar hanger perfectly.

You will also need some other tools for mounting the guitar hanger. These materials include a pencil, a measuring tape, a level, a drill machine, a screwdriver, and a hammer. Without all these items, you won’t be able to mount your horizontal guitar hanger property.

So, make all these items available to you before moving to the next step.

Select A Suitable Location:

Once you have got all the instruments available for mounting the hanger. Now, your first responsibility is to select a suitable location for hanging your guitar. Select the area that is solid to support the weight of your guitar.

You should also make sure that there are no obstacles on the wall. In this way, you will be able to perform your work smoothly.

Mark The Leveled Points And Drill Holes:

After you have selected the location for mounting the hanger, it’s time to mark the points on the wall. Place the hanger on the wall at a suitable height, make it leveled and mark the points with a pencil.

After that, remove the hangers and drill holes on the wall with the help of a drill machine.

To minimize the risk of any damage, be sure to drill deep so that the screws fit in the wall perfectly and provide vital support to your guitar.

Mount The Hangers:

When you have successfully drilled holes in the wall, place the hangers and fix them tightly with the help of screws. Make sure that you have tightened the screws perfectly. Hold the hangers and check whether they are tight enough or not.

If you feel unsafe yet, tighten the screws a little more to mount the hangers perfectly to the wall.

Hang Your Guitar:

After mounting your horizontal guitar hanger on the wall and checking for its safety, hang your guitar on the hanger. The single hook of the hanger is specifically designed for the neck, and the double hook is specific for the guitar’s body.

So, make sure to place your guitar correctly on the hanger. The string side of the guitar should be facing outward. This will prevent it from damaging.

That’s it. You have successfully hung your guitar on the wall horizontally.

Pros And Cons For Hanging Guitar Horizontally:

Hanging guitar horizontally is a great way to display your guitar on the wall. But there are some pros and cons to that as well. Safety and attractiveness are the positive points about this hanger.

However, it takes a little more space than the conventional guitar hangers. This may be problematic for people with low space availability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are The Factors To Consider While Mounting A Guitar On The Wall?

There are two factors to consider while mounting the guitar on the wall. First, the wall should be strong enough to hold the guitar’s weight. Otherwise, the guitar would fall down.

The second thing is the placement of the guitar. I will recommend you place the guitar in a position where you can easily pick and play it.

What Is The Best Way To Store A Guitar On The Wall?

The best method to store guitar on the wall is to use a wall hanger. This method involves attaching a guitar wall hanger to a wall.

You will have to drill a hole in the wall and then fasten the hanger to the wall for this method. This method is very secure, and you will have different types of wall hangers available for you to use.

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Wrapping It Up:

As you can see, mounting a guitar on the wall horizontally is a little more involved than mounting it vertically. However, once you have the suitable materials, it’s an excellent way to show off your guitar and very easy to access it whenever you want to play it.

Now that you know a little more about how to mount a guitar on the wall horizontally, hopefully, you feel a little more prepared while hanging your guitar on the wall. You will be able to display your guitar more attractively.

Don’t hesitate to comment with any additional questions or concerns about wall mounting ideas for guitars. Thank you for reading, have a blessed day!

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