How To Make A Guitar Amp From A Speaker? | Follow Easy Steps

Do you want to play guitar? But you cannot afford a guitar amplifier? No problem, this article is just for you, and it will explain everything you need to know about how to make a guitar amp from a speaker.

Playing guitar is one of the most popular hobbies today. Most people who play the guitar know how important it is to have a good amplifier. Amplifiers produce sound from the electrical signals produced from guitars and other instruments.

Although advanced speakers are available with pre-installed powerful amplifiers, they come with hefty price rates. However, you can also make your own with a speaker and a few other items.

So, you have a guitar at home, and you are thinking about making your own amplifier from a speaker. It is easier than you might think, and you may even be able to make one that sounds better than the one you bought.

Here is a guide on how to make a guitar amp from a speaker.

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What Do You Need To Make A Guitar Amp?

Well! Making a guitar amp from a speaker doesn’t sound easier to do. Still, I can assure you that if you follow the instructions, you will be able to make an amp in a much easy way with a little hassle.

To make a guitar amp, you will require some tools. Get the tools before starting to build an amp. These tools are listed below.

  • Speaker
  • Mono jack connector
  • A stereo female jack socket connector 3.5mm
  • Extra wires
  • Heat shrink tool
  • Hot glue and superglue
  • Soldering iron for making connections
  • Some pliers of good quality
  • A screwdriver

All these tools will be required to make a guitar amp for you. So, be sure to buy the tool not available to you. It is advisable to go for a cheaper one to avoid the loss in case of failure.

How To Make A Guitar Amp From A Speaker? An Easy Procedure:

To get things started, I’ll be guiding you through a stepwise process for making an amp from a speaker. It is important for you to follow it accordingly so that you can achieve your goal.

It is advisable to use the speaker you will not use for another purpose. If you don’t have one, get an old one from the online or offline market. Make sure that the speaker has a knob or button for controlling volume.

Now let me take you to the detailed procedure.

Check The Speaker:

First of all, check whether the speaker is functional or not. For this purpose, connect it to your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. If you are satisfied with it, you are ready to proceed further.

Open Your Speaker:

After checking for its functionality, locate the screws of the speakers and open it up with the help of a screwdriver. Make sure that the internal parts of the speaker are intact, so be careful while opening it.

Pull out all the components and circuits of the speaker from the shell and set aside the shell of the speaker.

Identify Components In The Circuit:

The main part of the speaker is the circuit board. So, identify the components of the circuit to convert the speaker into a guitar amp.

The important components of the circuit are the power button, volume knob, and audio input jack. Identify all these components on the circuit so that you can make the proper wiring for your amplifier.

Power The Speaker

Now you have identified the speaker’s power button and know how much power the speaker takes. Cut those wires from the mid and leave them connected with the circuit.

Now take the battery holder for powering the amp when it is being played. Locate the positive and negative sides of the holder and connect them to the wires of the power input of the circuit by soldering them.

Be careful while selecting the positive and negative sides of the holder; otherwise, your amp won’t be able to work. It is advisable to use wires with different colors like red for positive and blue for negative. Now take the battery and connect it to the speaker. If the LED indicator of the speaker turns on, you are successful in powering your speaker.

However, if the speaker requires more power, use the original cable to power it.

Jacking Up The Amp:

Once you have successfully powdered the speaker, the hardest part of the process now comes. First, turn the amp on. Now take the 3.5mm stereo cable and connect one end to the speaker and the other to your phone. Play a song to test your speaker.

After making sure that it works, take the female jack and connect it to the other end of the audio cable. Now touch the wires of the input cable and pair them with a stereo connector. If no sound is heard, try some other combination until you hear the music from the speaker.

Solder Everything:

Now it’s time to connect the mono jack connector. Identify the positive and negative ends of the connector. Take wires of different colors. Solder them to the connector and then connect them to the circuit board.

You will see so many negative points on the circuit, so connect the negative side of the mono jack to the negative point of power input and the positive side to the point where music was playing.

In the end, connect it to the guitar cable and play the guitar to ensure that it is working.

Close The Modified Amp:

After testing your modified amp, connect all the cables and close it back to the shell. Now you can use this as an amp for your guitar.

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Wrapping It Up:

You know that playing guitar is one of the most beloved hobbies globally, and the best way to improve is to practice and make sure you are playing with a clean and crisp sound. To make it happen, you will need a guitar amp.

Therefore, I have provided you with a simple procedure on how to make a guitar amp from a speaker in this article. Whether a beginner or a pro, everyone can benefit from this information. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on making your own guitar amplifier today.

Hopefully, you found it helpful for you. Thank you for reading, have a nice day!

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