How To Hold A Guitar Pick For Metal?| Let’s Learn!

Being a metal guitarist, you’ll be aware of how important a pick is for your guitar. A guitarist always makes sure to have his gear complete and ready for practice. He makes sure to select the best guitars, amplifiers, and even strings for his guitar practice to be at its fullest. Along with all these, there is one thing that is a more crucial thing without which you cannot play your guitar correctly, and that is a metal pick. Different experts refer to different techniques and methods for how to hold a guitar pick for metal. These methods vary significantly from person to person, depending on many factors.

In this article, I will help you pick the right metal pick for your guitar. After reading this article, you’ll be able to hold and practice your metal guitar with a selection.

So, let’s dive into such a unique and exciting article about how to hold a guitar pick for metal without further delay.

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Selecting The Right Pick For Your Guitar:

You’ll probably be thinking about why a pick matters so much; what’s so special in a pick that one cannot play guitar properly without it?

Well, a pick is with what you connect to your guitar. When you play guitar, it is the pick that strums over the strings to produce particular sounds out of your guitar.

Different guitarists use different types of picks for their practice. After years of practicing and experience, I have divided selections depending on the following factors:

The Thickness Of A Pick:

After practicing and playing guitar for years, I have come to know that one of the most critical factors for selecting a pick is the thickness of the pick.

The thicker is a pick, the more control you’ll have on playing. While on the other hand, thinner strings are used for thick strings and strumming the chords.

So, if you are using strings with more gauge, you should go for a relatively thinner pick for your guitar. You must keep in mind that as the thickness of your guitar strings increase, the thinness of your pick increase resoundingly.

Because you need something to produce that rhythm during playing, which is only possible when either your guitar strings or your guitar pick is thin. 

The Shape Of The Metal Pick:

A metal pick comes in many shapes, including round, teardrop, triangle, etc. I feel that teardrop is the best shape available for a pick. The tip on the end of the pick with which you can comfortably strum your guitar and a round shape on the other end gives a comfy feel to hold the pick.

But, a teardrop pick doesn’t need to be the best suitable one for you. I have seen some of the best guitarists who use triangle picks for their guitar practice. In short, before selecting a pick for your guitar, just make sure to be aware of which type of pick will be the most suitable one for you.

Type Of Edge:

Picks come in different types of edges. These include a flat tip, round tip, and even tapered tip. These different types of tips produce different sounds from the guitar.

In a flat tip, the thickness of the tip is the same as that of the pick, while on the other hand, a round tip is used for an attack.

For me, tapped edges are more comfortable and suitable as these produce a smooth sound from the guitar.

You feel like the sound being produced by strumming the guitar with the pick is quite natural and smooth. You must know which type of pick edge will help you practice your guitar better and more comfortably.

Size Of The Pick:

Pick are either small or large depending on their use. More prominent picks provide more area for holding and committing to each note while playing the guitar.

On the other hand, smaller picks help you fast-play your guitar. Depending on whether you play guitar with the power of your fingers, wrist, or shoulders, you’ll need to select among these two sizes of the picks.

Holding The Guitar Pick With Either Hand:

If you do not know how to hold a pick in your hand for playing your guitar, you cannot improve your practice. If you are a left-hander, you would surely want to fret your guitar with your right hand and strum your guitar with your left hand.

The same can be the case if you are a right-hander. So, for strumming your guitar with your hand, you’ll need to hold your pick comfortably and efficiently into your hand.

For that, shake and rub your hand correctly to make it ready for practicing the guitar. Now, make a tiny fist of your index finger with your thumb.

Now, place your thumb in such a way that its nail is in the outside direction, and it is touching your index finger.

Place your pick in between your index finger and thumb in such a way that the edge of the pick is outside for strumming.

If you are going to practice your guitar, make sure to keep about one inch of your pick edge out of the grip of your thumb so that you can adequately strum the guitar.

Ensure to keep a relaxed grip on the pick. Your pick must be held in the center of your thumb. Now, after you have held the pick properly in your hand, start strumming your guitar slowly from thicker strings to thinner ones from upside-down on the strings.

Do not try to move your whole arm for strumming the guitar. Just move your fingers or wrist to do the job.

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Final Thoughts:

In short, selecting the best type of pick with a more suitable edge can help you increase your creativity and efficiency. I hope you would have learned how to hold a guitar pick for metal after reading this informative article. If you like this article, do tell me in the comment box.

In the end, I hope you loved reading this piece of content. And keep visiting for more latest updates. Have a Good day!

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