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Guitar Hanging is really an excellent way to improve your guitar life. Many people think that you must be professionally trained to hang a guitar on the wall. That is not true. You can do it by yourself. However, it is essential to know how to hang guitar on wall diy.

Being a guitar player yourself, you know how important the instrument is. You also know how important it is to showcase your guitar proudly. Whether you are looking for a way to display your guitar or just want to learn more about guitar wall decor, this guide will take you to your destination.

With this guide, I want to show you how to hang guitar on wall diy. It is not the most demanding job in the world. However, some of you will be thinking about doing the job done.

Well, I have good news for you. You don’t need to be an electrician or have any unique gadgets to do this. If you take some time and do some simple steps, you can do this job yourself and save your money. Let me explain further.

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Basic Requirements For Hanging Guitar On A Wall:

Before moving towards the details of the stepwise procedure for hanging the guitar, you need to get some primary material to help you do your work smoothly. Therefore, here is the list of items that you will need.

  • Guitar wall mount or hanger
  • Screws and plugs
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Drill machine
  • Level
  • Screwdriver

You should ensure that all the stated material is available to you. It will make your work smooth and hurdle-free.

The DIY Procedure Of Hanging Guitar On The Wall:

When you are available with all the required items, you should start the process. As I have already shared the needed materials, let me take you to the stepwise procedure for hanging the guitar.

Step 1: Get The Suitable Guitar Mount:

Guitar wall hangers or guitar mounts come in many different shapes and sizes. Therefore, selecting the suitable guitar mount for your guitar is very important. Select one according to the weight and shape of your guitar.

There are five standard guitar hangers categories: boxes and frames, basic wall hangers, lacking wall hangers, horizontal wall hangers, and 3D printed wall hangers. You also need to select one that appeals to you the most in terms of features.

Step 2: Get The Screws And Plugs:

After choosing a suitable guitar mount for yourself, you need to get the correct screws and plugs for that. While selecting the screws and plugs for your hanger, you should also seriously consider the wall type. It will help you get suitable screws.

Step 3: Select The Location And Drill Holes:

Once you have got the required wall mount and screws for your guitar, go to selecting the location for mounting the guitar hanger. Make sure that the place is comfortable for your guitar. Don’t choose the humid area because it can be costly for your instrument.

Then mark points by placing the wall mount. Make sure that the mount is in a balanced form. Now remove the hanger and drill the holes with a drill machine. Drill the holes according to the size and shape of the screws.

Step 4: Mount The Hanger:

As you have prepared the location for the wall mount, it’s time to mount the hanger on the wall. Place it according to the drilled holes and fix it tightly to the wall with the help of screws.

Use the screws that correctly fit in the drilled holes and tighten them up to avoid any problem in the future.

Step 5: Hang Your Guitar:

The hanger is ready for your guitar. First, apply some force on the hanger to check whether it is strongly connected to the wall or not. When you are sure that it is attached perfectly, hang your guitar on it.

Congratulations! You have succeeded in hanging your guitar on the wall. So, that was a simple stepwise procedure to hang your guitar on the wall. Follow the simple steps, and you will be home easily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are There Any Risks Involved In Hanging A Guitar On The Wall?

Yes, there are. Hanging a guitar on the wall could damage the instrument. First, the wall could have nails or other objects that can damage the guitar body if you hang it on the wall.

Especially if you turn it slightly on the wall, the parts hung on the hooks can contact the objects on the wall.

Secondly, if you hang it slightly on the wall, the guitar neck can contact the wall. This can create a curve in the neck that can be difficult to repair.

Third, if you hang it with heavy objects, they may fall on the guitar. So, if you want to hang your guitar on the wall, make sure you find a place where there are no nails or harmful objects on the wall and keep the guitar neck away from the wall.

You can also get guitar hangers for the wall.

What Are Common Mistakes People Make When Hanging A Guitar?

One mistake people make when hanging a guitar is over-tightening the strings. If the guitar is too tight, the guitar will feel stressed, and the strings may even break. 

The other mistake people make the improper use of guitar stands. The neck may warp or break if a guitar is set on the rack with the neck pointing downwards. 

The best way to store a guitar is to stand it upright and keep the strings at approximately the same height as the headstock.

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Wrapping It Up:

It is effortless to hang a guitar on the wall, but you should have the right equipment. That is why it is essential to get the right equipment for your guitar, and it’s critical to know the correct way to hang your guitar.

I hope the information in this article about how to hang guitar on wall diy will help you hang your guitar correctly on the wall. I know that you can hang your guitar most professionally with this knowledge. So, what are you waiting for? Get your instruments and hang your guitar on the wall.

I am signing off for today. Hopefully, we will meet again with other compelling ideas and information about guitars. Have a nice day!

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