How Much Is A Fender Frontman 15g Amp Worth?|Need To Know!

Fender rumble 15g is an affordable and more compact electric guitar amplifier. It is easy to operate and also sounds great. If you are a guitarist and want to practice your guitar with a better sound system, you need to buy this amplifier. It provides you with better and high-quality sound. It can be connected to Bluetooth headphones so that you can even practice your guitar without disturbing others. However, you might think about how much a fender frontman 15g amp worth? 

Well, it is nothing to worry about. This amplifier and unique features also come at an affordable price, and you can avail of this in just 95 dollars. 

Moreover, its headphone connectivity feature makes you listen to your music more properly while practicing to improve your playing quality.

So, if you are here to know how much a fender frontman 15g amp is worth and whether it is up to the price, I am here to help you better decide whether to buy this amplifier at this price or not. 

Therefore, keep reading this article till the end to know about what is in your best interests.

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Best Chosen Fender Frontman 15g AMP For Today:

Considering many choices, taking a deeper look, and asking from many people, I have chosen the best fender frontman amp for you in this list. You can read a lot about it and make an easy decision. 

Fender Rumble 15 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

The company which made this product is quite passionate and inventive in making portable amplifiers. Frontman 15g makes its price since it provides high quality and rich sound. 

Whether it is for rehearsal or on-stage performance, this amplifier is best for all types of guitar for every use. 

Just like other Rumble combos, this one is also made in such a way to provide a compact, portable, and amazingly lightweight solution for the bassists with a great sound system for both concerts and backstage performances.

This rumble is made to pump 15 watts of power to provide a good bass. 

Being lightweight and small, it still offers much loud sound for the bassists with an 8” speaker and an EQ of 3 bands to provide an excellent experience for practice.

Headphone connectivity:

Though being a guitarist looks fantastic, you need to follow some rules while playing the guitar. As we know, we come home at night for leisure.

But due to community standards, you cannot practice your guitar at that period as it can cause restlessness for your neighbors and even your own family.

However, now, with the help of this amplifier, you can practice your guitar anywhere and anytime.

You will be amazed to know that Rumble has included headphone connectivity in this amplifier. 

This feature gives you extra command on your guitar since you can practice it at night and listen to your recordings through headphones to know where the loopholes are in your music. 

It indirectly adds to the quality of your music, which is produced by your guitar.

Amazing design:

Rumble has given cosmetic treatment to this amplifier with knobs and grille cloth lining. It also provided a black look to the front and back amplifier. 

This shiny and classic look of the amplifier shows the way it sounds. Such a fantastic design, along with quality sound and music for just $95, is a pretty decent deal.

This amplifier is designed and manufactured in such a way as to provide quality to its users. 

For you to use it both in the concerts and practice, it is designed the way it is to make use of your money by taking the maximum benefit out of it.


Since you are going to use this amplifier for commercial use, you’ll need to move from one place to another. 

Therefore, keeping this in mind, the company made this amplifier compact and lightweight to increase its portability.

Despite its lightweight and small size, this amplifier is very loud and has fantastic bass for the bassists.

I think you need such a compact, lightweight, and easily portable but loud amplifier to which you can be able to take everywhere you go and make use of it.

Auxiliary input jack:

With its 1/8” auxiliary input jack, you can be able to play and jam with your favorite songs by simply plugging your mp3 player into it. 

You can easily jam with your favorite singers and use different tunes to synchronize and learn from them by plugging. 

Key Specifications: 

Rumble has added many unique features to this amplifier. Some of these are special features are as follows:

  • This amplifier supports 15W of charge through it
  • 8” specially designed speaker is installed in it
  • With 16 pounds of weight, it is very compact and lightweight.
  • This amplifier has an EQ of 3 band
  • It also has a removable silver grille
  • It is designed to give a classic look with black knobs
  • 1/4 headphone jack to support headphone connectivity
  • 1/8 auxiliary input jack to support mp3 players


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Provides the best voice for your guitar 
  • Perfect tone shaping 
  • Long living warranty 
  • MP3 free jamming


  • Hasn’t got so far
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Final Thoughts:

In short, if you are looking for an amplifier for your guitar, you can use it for multiple tasking. Moreover, if you are looking for something compact, small-sized, but loud in sound at a reasonable price, you can still have it. And even if you are looking for an amplifier that can support headphone connectivity and mp3 synchronization, this one still suits you best. Therefore, I hope you found the answer to your question of how much is a fender frontman 15g amp worth?

I hope this article added to your knowledge about amplifiers and gave you the answer to your question. So, if you really liked it, you can give it a share. Let’s see you soon on another one.

Till then, have a good day!

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