How Much Does It Cost To Replace Guitar Strings?-Need To Know This

Strings of a guitar usually expire after a few months; it is the responsibility of a guitarist to change the strings. If the strings are not changed, your guitar will produce dull and unclear sounds, causing a disturbance. But, as we talk about changing guitar strings, a question comes into our minds how much does it cost to replace guitar strings.

If you are an expert guitarist, changing the strings will be quite easy for you to do by yourself. Being a beginner, it is pretty challenging to restring your guitar on your own.

In this article, I am going to answer all of your queries in detail. So, keep reading this article if you want to increase your knowledge about the maintenance and safety of your guitar.

Without further delay, let’s dive into this query regarding how much does it cost to replace guitar strings.

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Cost For Restringing By Yourself:

Being a daily player, you’ll end up breaking your guitar strings and for someone who is a professional guitarist, changing strings isn’t something challenging.

If you are going to restring your guitar on your own, it will cost you around $6-8, which is also the price for a new pair of strings.

But if you are going to an expert for restringing your guitar, it will cost you much more than just the cost of new strings.

I will advise you to learn the whole process before changing the strings by yourself.  

Steps For Restringing A Guitar:

Restringing a guitar consists of a few simple steps. If you’re able to follow these steps, you’ll end up with success. These steps are explained in detail:

Step 1: Purchase A New Set Of Strings:

First of all, you’ll need to buy a set of new strings for the guitar. When you go to buy strings, the first thing you’ll need to cope with is the gauge of guitar strings.

Gauge refers to the thickness of strings measured in the thousandth part of an inch.

In this case, you’ll get help for your string gauge by High E or low E.

At your local store, there should be someone who could help you select the right strings for your guitar.

Step 2: Remove Old Strings:

In removing old strings, you need to be careful to prevent any damage to your fingers. The best way to do so is by putting the guitar flat on a towel to prevent it from slipping and using another towel to hold the headstock and then loose down the strings.

Be careful. Only lose down one string at a time. From here, you can either cut them or unfold them from the headstock. After that, you can pop the pegs and remove the ball end of the strings.

Just be careful while removing. I have witnessed many professional guitarists who end up scratching or damaging their guitars in a hurry. So, be calm and cautious while unfolding or cutting the strings.

Step 3: Install New Strings:

First of all, do check the orientation of your guitar. If you are a left-hander, do not put the strings on upside down.

Start the installation by inserting the ball end of the strings into peg holes. Make sure that the ball end is under the peg holes and peg holes are firmly put in place.

Next, start inserting the other end of strings into appropriate holes and start tightening in the counterclockwise direction. Do this process for all the strings and make sure not to set tune to pitch of concert.

Step 4: Tune The Guitar:

After installing new strings, you need to tune the guitar. For tunning, you’ll probably have a tuner. But if you don’t, I will advise you to buy one.

For tunning, you’ll need a reference to tune your guitar. For that, you can go to google and select a reference note. Then you have to tune your lowest E to E by that note.

After that, you can tune your guitar using that reference note.

Cost To Restring By A Professional:

If you are entirely a beginner and don’t know how to restring your guitar correctly, you can go to any guitar shop to restring your guitar.

But that will cost you money other than just the price of strings. It will cost you up to $30.

FAQs To Restring The Guitar:

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Guitar Strings With New Ones?

If you want to restring your guitar on your own, it will cost you about $6-8, which is the price of a new set of guitars.

But, in case you are going to an expert to restring your guitar, he will charge you almost $25-30, which is much more than just the price of a new set of strings.

How Much Time Does It Need To Restring?

It will take hours for you to change strings for the first time, but as you get expert in the process, this time will minimize to just 20-30 minutes.

While, on the other hand, for a professional, it will take half the time than you to restring your guitar, depending on the amount of time he has been in the business.

How To Know That Your Guitar Needs New Strings?

You need to be very observant to know whether your guitar needs new strings or not.

There are a few obvious signs which tell you that it’s time to replace the strings. some of these signs are as given:

  • Dirty fretboard
  • Gunk on the strings
  • Dizzy and boring tone
  • Don’t tune properly
  • You’ll feel the need to wash your hands after playing
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Final Thoughts:

In short, you can say that it is not that costly to replace strings on your own, but it does take much time and carefulness to change them for the first time. But, on the other hand, professionals can change the strings for you using much less time and end up doing a great job. I hope you’ve found the answer to your question about how much does it cost to replace guitar strings.

In the end, if you like it, do tell me in the comment section. I will see you soon in some other article. Till then, Take great care of yourself!

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