Epiphone Hummingbird & Dove PRO-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review!

Epiphone’s PRO series is one of their crown achievements in their many years of making guitars, and for a reason. The PRO series has the most beautiful designs and craftsmanship that you’ll find in an Epiphone guitar.Read here complete guide about Epiphone Hummingbird & Dove PRO.

The PRO series has quite the reputation and the Hummingbird and Dove hold all the way up to it. The quality of these guitars is top-notch. Trust us when we say this, these guitars won’t leave you any complaints regarding quality or their performance.

These guitars are designed to bring back the era of the 60s with their looks, with their large dreadnought shape, classic finishes, and square shoulders on the top. These guitars radiate charm and it’ll be hard for you to resist playing them when you see them in-person, at a guitar store or when they arrive after you buy them.

Epiphone Hummingbird & Dove PRO are beautifully decorated with unique and custom designs on their pickguards. No avid guitar player will fail to appreciate the Pearloid parallelogram inlays embedded in the fretboard. The Dove has a Slimtaper D profile neck that makes it perfect for older players. The Hummingbird also has a faded cherry sunburst finish that makes it look like an artistic masterpiece. If not for anything else, this lovely faded cherry alone makes the guitar worth buying.

Each of the two guitars has its own unique features and sound, which makes it impossible to say one is better than the other. They both are too good! The Hummingbird is inspired by the Gibson Hummingbird premium guitar and it provides similar quality and performance in a budget that’s less than half of Gibson’s price. However, that being said, it’s actually the Dove that sounds more like the Gibson with its deep and warm sound. The Hummingbird has a strong and bright sound that is very unique from the Dove.

Further ahead, we’ll talk about exactly what sets Epiphone Hummingbird & Dove PRO apart from each other, which one you should buy and what you should expect from them in our review for the Epiphone Hummingbird vs Epiphone Dove PRO Acoustic-Electric guitars.

Epiphone Hummingbird & Dove PRO Review-2022

Check Price of Epiphone Hummingbird

Check Price of Epiphone DOVE PRO

Top Features:

  • Mahogany sides, back, and neck for the Hummingbird Pro and maple sides, back and neck for the Dove pro.
  • Classic, Vintage look from the 60s.
  • Solid Spruce tops on both guitars.
  • Pearloid parallelogram inlays.
  • Dovetail neck joint and Slimtaper D profile on the neck in Dove Pro.
  • Faded cherry sunburst finish on the Hummingbird Pro.
  • Absolutely amazing guitars in the budget.
  • Etched pickguards with beautiful designs.
  • Custom finishes on tops suit any collection.
  • D’Addario Phosphor light strings.
  • Pearloid inlays lining the fretboard.
  • Extremely beginner-friendly guitars.
  • Amazing and unique sound on both guitars.
  • Dove Pro requires tuning and a professional set-up to sound as good as it should be.
  • Etched designs on the pickguard may show signs of wear and tear that others may not prefer.
  • The amp on the Dove Pro is in the soundhole and has very limited controls.
  • Intonations could have been better.

Let’s discuss in brief what makes these guitars so great and worth your money and time.

Body-Epiphone Hummingbird & Dove PRO

The guitars are made with different woods that give them their own distinct sound. Both the guitars have spruce top and rosewood fretboard in common but the Hummingbird has mahogany sides, back, and neck, while the Dove has maple sides, back, and neck.

The Dove is larger than the Hummingbird in terms of length with a difference of about 1 inch. The Hummingbird has a smaller diameter neck which makes it easy to play most of the chords without any extra tension and stretching of hands.

The Dove is fairly easy to play too but the neck is larger than the Hummingbird so it’ll be more suited for an older player. Both guitars come with D’Addario Phosphor strings, as the standard Epiphone guitar, and as such you can be assured of premium quality in the string department.

They also come with Grover tuning gears in a 14:1 ratio. Coming to design, the Hummingbird has a beautiful faded cherry sunburst finish that adds a vintage touch that sends you back in reminiscence for the 60s.

Both the guitars have etched designs on their pickguard that just looks stunning and beautiful. Since it’s etched, it may show signs of use after a while but honestly speaking, it’ll only make it feel more special and personal to you.

Sound-Epiphone Hummingbird & Dove PRO

This is where things get really interesting! The Hummingbird and Dove are designed to be unique in their sound and intonations. The pickup system on the Hummingbird is the Shadow ePerformer Preamp system with a NanoFlex under-saddle pickup.

The system is advanced and features various controls such as Treble and Bass EQ, Mute, a Dynamics control and even features a low battery indicator that tells you when your system batteries are low. However, it comes at the cost of not having a pre-built tuner.

The Dove on the other hand has a Fishman Sonitone Preamp system and Fishman Sonicore Pickup system, both of which are capable of giving that extra power and impact to an acoustic guitar. The quality is also guaranteed since the manufacturers are Fishman, whose systems are quite well known.

These systems result in the Hummingbird having a very bright and vibrant sound, that even sounds stark and clear without an amplifier. When you do plug it into the amp, you get a louder, clearer, and brighter sound with quality that’s unmatched and unparalleled.

The Dove sounds very similar to a Gibson guitar with a deep, warm, and pleasant tone after a bit of tuning. Plugged into an amp, the intonations sound deeper and warmer. The sound on both the guitars is bold and well-balanced, and also amazingly unique.


If you are a 60s classic fan looking for a guitar, then these guitars might as well be the perfect choice for you. You can buy either of them as a beginner for your first guitar, and you’ll never truly outgrow them.

They are really fun to play and are perfect for this price range. Alternatively, you can also buy these as a professional because they have a lot of hidden potential and also as a collector since the finish on the tops and the designs on the pickguard will be a pride for any guitar collection out there.

Both the guitars are very lightweight and are thus very easy on the hands to hold. The Hummingbird Pro is a shorter guitar and because of its small diameter neck, it’s recommended to be used by people that are short in height or are small, like women or children.

The Dove Pro is a larger guitar than the Hummingbird and is thus can be best used by people with a larger stature. The Hummingbird Pro can be easily played out of the box but the Dove Pro requires tuning of the Truss Rod.

It’s best recommended that you have a professional set-up for the Dove guitar for optimal tuning. There are Epiphone stores that offer exactly this for free. All in all, both of these guitars will make for an excellent choice no matter what type of guitar player you are.

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Epiphone has produced two wonderful guitars that have blessed the budget section of the guitar world. The Hummingbird Pro and the Dove Pro are both great guitars in their own aspect with a unique sound, finish, and design. By our review, you should have gotten an idea of which guitar suits your preference more. Buying both the guitars simultaneously is also an amazing option for avid collectors. Epiphone Hummingbird & Dove PRO are extremely beginner-friendly and for this price point, offer amazing value for money.

We hope this review helped you in buying your next guitar! If it did, please consider following the website for regular updates, news, and reviews as it will help us immensely!

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