Best Guitar for Death Metal- Acoustic Electric Guitar Review!

The world is a stage, and we are here to play our part. We are here on this earth to vibe into the melody of nature. Music has always helped everyone get out of a gloomy day and cheer into a lovely one. Find the best guitar for death metal in this ultimate buying guide.

The musical would have been felt widowed without the presence of guitars. Guitars jazz, along with any kind of mood, music, environment, can pick up any note and drag it to its full potential.

To bring out the best in a musician and the most awesome music forms, the Kona Guitars and music accessories franchise has brought in the New Kona K2 Series K2TBL  Thin Body Dreadnought Cutaway Electric Acoustic Guitar. A masterpiece of the Kona brand made both for beginners as well as professionals.

Established in 2000 in Texas, the musical instruments has given the quality and a genuine product like electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers at an affordable price range.

Kona K2 Series Transparent Blue Thin Body Electric Acoustic Guitars balances an electric guitar’s low profile image and the original and traditional look of an acoustic guitar. The tables turn more towards the look of an acoustic guitar, though. This guitar is the perfect crossover instrument for electric guitarists looking for best guitar for death metal and a true, balanced acoustic sound without large body adjustment.

Moreover, don’t confuse yourself with the colour of the guitar, it is transparent blue with a gloss finish, but it does give the appearance of a green one.

Kona K2TBL Guitar Body and Structure-Best Guitar for Death Metal

Top Features:

  • Mahogany Top, Back, and Sides with Transparent Blue Gloss Finish
  • 2 Piece Book-matched Top and Back
  • Thin Body, Low Profile Dreadnought shape with Cutaway
  • 41” Overall length
  • 25.5” Scale
  • Number of Strings : 6
  • Neck Material: Maple
  • Fretboard Material: Rosewood
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Value for Price
  • Pre-set with shoulder strap pins
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to tune
  • 4-ply body binding
  • Piezo Pick-up
  • Gold die-cast tuners
  • D’Addario strings
  • Quality control issues
  • Less accessories

Kona K2TBL Dreadnought Cutaway Electric Acoustic Guitar of the Kona K2 Series is a brilliant creation with outstanding looks, pulchritudinous craftsmanship body with a transparent blue glossy finish on the mahogany wood body which gives major aesthetic and mystery vibes. Noteworthy and substantially eye catching feature of the piece is its Dreadnought Shape with Cutaway. The Thin body is easy to hold and handle and for beginners a great piece to practice. The thin body gives it a sleek, slim and sexy look.

The body of the K2TBL Thin Body Dreadnought Cutaway Electric Acoustic  includes the Tonewood as mahogany, one of the best hardwoods for top, back, and sides. The tone of the guitar resonates better, its tone improves and matures with age, and finally, a fine tonewood will look beautiful with time.

Mahogany is one the most commonly used hardwood for musical instruments. It is fine for guitar bodies because it’s durable, effective, easy to work with and learn on and, resonates really well. Mahogany produces a strong, earthy midrange tonality with subtle overtones and is an excellent choice for guitarists as they cut through so magically. Mahogany consistently sounds good, and it is attractive and cheaper to be found than rosewood.

It’s pretty much a surety that your favourite guitarist must be using a rosewood fretboard guitar as Rosewood is the most commonly employed hardwood in guitar making nowadays. It is simply appealing and provides rich, warm tones, and can suppress high-end harshness. Brazilian Rosewood is a very hard and dense wood that stains beautifully and has amazing handling. It gives a smooth feeling and is preferred more over maple for neck material.

The mahogany body, a rosewood fretboard, makes a dear dead combination with the maple neck. The neck material is very significant. The neck is the part that projects the fretboard from the body of the guitar. And is the part that the guitarist interacts with the most. Therefore, maple for a neck wood is a great match as its unique colour, smooth grain, and strength make it a popular choice among guitar Aficionados. It has less reaction from environmental changes than other hardwoods. Its tone is highly reflective and focuses more energy on the body wood.

The affordable piece stands out in the crowd of beautiful guitars for its shape and design. It portrays a dreadnought cutaway that gives the design of a low profile electric guitar. Dreadnought, the most commonly used size for acoustic guitars, provides a proper balance between size and projection and is a good way to start for beginners. They feature a loud sound to be played in bands. These guitars are broader and heavier for better strumming and can be used with heavy bass.

The body features a 6 string classic attachment, And it is lightweight for An acoustic guitar, which makes it comfortable to play and learn.

Kona K2TBL Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sound-(Best Guitar for Death Metal)

The sound of the Kona K2 Series K2TBL  Dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar is good compared to a lot of productions for the time. It executes the original acoustic sounds with the feel of an electric guitar in the backlight. The guitar is a crossover instrument that tends to all your musical needs. It features real warm notes that mature with time. It is a good strumming product for both beginners as well as professional players. However, it is meant more for strumming with picks and is less for fingerstyle playing.

You might be also interested in checking out reviews of other guitars like glen burton ga204bco-bk review or taylor 224ce-k dlx electro acoustic guitar review.

Kona K2TBL Acoustic-Electric Guitar Hardware & Accessories Needed

The Kona k2 electric acoustic guitar comes with a built-in pick up absolutely compatible with the Equalizer-505 3-Band Active Piezo Pick-up System and gold die-cast tuner. A fact that the guitar doesn’t come with the much-required accessories for a good guitar package, but it includes some very basic things like Two pickguards, a polishing cloth, a neck wrench, and a warranty guide.

The customer reviews worldwide are fair enough as some people received faulty pieces, but overall the product reviews are tempting enough to push you to add this to your collection.

Here is an exhaustive list of guitar accessories that you need to do with this purchase:

  • Gigbag
  • Tuner
  • Amps
  • Strap
  • Cables
  • Guitar Humidifiers
  • Extra set of guitar strings

If you can’t settle with the Kona k2 series guitars and are still hunting for some extra accessories in a package, then you should definitely deal with the Glen Burton acoustic-electric guitar, which is an exclusive value for price piece and is being loved by customers around the world for you will find everything you need with a guitar in a single valuable deal.

General Verdict on the Kona K2TBL Kona Acoustic- Best Guitar for Death Metal

As a guitar enthusiast myself, I would recommend it as a fair purchase by a fine line as I believe that the accessories that are pretty scarce with this piece could be bought with the dollars you save. It is basically a beginner’s guitarand best guitar for death metal, but with all the Kona components put together, it can be played by professional players, and the sound and tones are maximised to their full potential.

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