Best Guitar For 7 Year Old Beginner | Best To Choose In 2022

A guitar is a beautiful instrument to help your child enjoy learning and practicing music. The best guitar for 7 year old beginner would be reasonably priced, playable, and durable for frequent use by an energetic pre-teen.

Whether you want to avoid bullying, your child has a natural musical talent, and you want them to learn how to play. The guitar is a great choice. However, you need to purchase a suitable device for your young fellow to attain this goal.

So, you are wondering which is the best guitar for 7 year old beginner? You are in luck. I have just what you need. This article will provide you all of your information, from size and shape to strings and accessories.

So, be with me till the end of this article, and you will get an excellent device for the learning and entertainment of your child.

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Most Desired Guitar For 7 Year Old Beginner:

The guitar market is flooded with a wide variety of guitars to choose from, making it hard to find one suitable for your beginner child.

Luckily, I have been researching guitars for beginners for years now. That is why I have decided to communicate my experiences with you. Thus, I have come up with a fantastic product that will satisfy the musical needs of your 7 year old beginner.

Let me take you to the device without wasting your time, which is the main objective of today’s discussion.

First Act Acoustic Guitar:- Best Guitar For 7 Year Old Beginner:

Whether you are a parent or an instructor of music, First Act acoustic guitar is an excellent guitar for beginner kids. First Act acoustic guitar has all those features required for a young learner. So, it is a perfect instrument for 7 years, old beginners.

Let’s discuss its features in detail to see what it has for you, young fellow.

Shape And Design:

The guitar is designed to keep in view the interests of the children. Moreover the flower design of the guitar is beautiful for children, and it helps them learn the guitar with great attention.

Build Material:

The build material of this guitar is just according to your child’s requirements. Moreover, It comes with a metal body and steel reinforced neck, making it a highly durable and reliable guitar.

The brass strings of the guitar give easy and comfortable touch and make your child feel relaxed while playing music. So, this guitar is unmatched in terms of its material quality.

Easy To Play:

The guitar is straightforward to play. This pre-tuned guitar comes with a chord card to help beginners learn the hand positioning and strings of the guitar quickly.

Moreover, the medium size of the guitar is very comfortable for younger boys and girls. They can easily carry and play this guitar to practice different tones.

Hardware And Controls:

The adjustment bridge system of the guitar is very much suitable for your little fellow, and six-string tuning keys provide better control over the music of the guitar.

Hand Orientation:

The orientation of the guitar is universal. It can be played by both right-handers and left-handers. However, suppose your child is willing to get a guitar with a specific hand orientation. In that case, you should look at some other brands like Loog, Fender, Gypsy, and Tylor.

Size And Weight:

The First Act acoustic guitar comes in medium size with 32.5 x 12 x 3.12 inches. So, this guitar size is ideal for children aging 6 years or above.

As far as the weight of this guitar is concerned, it is very light at 3.09 pounds. So, you will not be disappointed if you consider this guitar as the first choice for your kid.


  • Brand: First Act
  • Color: Flower design
  • Dimensions: 32.5 x 12 x 3.12 inches
  • Body Material: Metal
  • String Material: Brass
  • Weight: 3.09 pounds
  • Number of Strings: 6


  • Beautiful design
  • Material quality is exceptional
  • Easy controls
  • Very easy to play
  • Medium size with lightweight
  • The sound quality is great


  • The pre-tuned guitar comes with little loose strings
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Tune A 7 Year Old Beginner’s Guitar?

If it is a classical guitar, you should first check the nut and the bridge. If it is loose, tighten it and make sure that it can be tuned perfectly. After that, you should adjust the strings correctly and ensure that the sound is right.

How Do We Keep Young Musicians Motivated?

The best way to keep musicians motivated is to give them a deadline and a little bit of structure. Not too much, though, because the excessive design can drive people away in droves.

The most important thing is to give them something to work on. It doesn’t have to be a career-launching project. It can be as easy as a list of things to learn for next year.

What Are The Most Popular Guitar Brands For First-Timers?

The famous guitar brands for beginners are Fender, Squier, Epiphone, and Yamaha. Fender is the most popular guitar brand, but many people choose to start with guitars from other brands.

So, as a beginner, you just have to make sure you choose a guitar that has a good tone and is comfortable to play. Your hand should not get sore or hurt by the action of the strings on the fretboard. So, you don’t have to disburse a lot of cash to find the perfect guitar that fits your needs.

Final Words:

Overall, the First Act Acoustic Guitar is a good choice for younger kids learning how to play the guitar. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy for kids to hold. And it has a bright sound that’s nice for playing around the house or practicing at home.

While other items offer more buttons and cool features, this keeps things simple, which appeals to parents and beginners alike. The soft case that comes with the package can also be used to store the guitar when it’s not being used.

So, I hope this guide about the best guitar for 7 year old beginners has been helpful for you. Hopefully, you will get the right guitar for your kid by using the information provided in this guide.

It’s enough for today’s discussion. I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon with new and unique ideas. Have a blessed day!

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