Best Bass Guitar Under $1500 | To Buy In 2022

Finding the best bass guitar isn’t usually an easy task. There are loads of options out there, and most people don’t know where to begin. I am here for your help to find the best bass guitar under $1500 by breaking down a few primary features that you should look out for.

You don’t need to be a professional musician to appreciate the art of music, and you do not have to spend thousands of bucks on a quality instrument. Many inexpensive bass guitars under $1500 are on the market, often overlooked in favor of more pricey options.

If you have ever played the bass guitar, you know it is one of the most unique instruments. The bass guitar compliments the vocals, guitar, and other instruments. However, just like every other instrument, if you are serious about playing bass guitar, you will eventually have to choose between an expensive and a cheap one.

In my view, a midrange guitar under $1500 will work perfectly for you. Therefore, I have brought you the best bass guitar under $1500 in this article. So, be there till the end, and you will get a great product to enjoy music.

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Special Tips For Purchasing A Great Bass Guitar Under $1500:

When looking for a professional bass guitar, you may find it difficult to determine the bass guitars under $1500. You will have to consider many things, from sound quality ease of play to looks.

Let me give you some special tips to purchase a good quality bass guitar for under $1500.

Body Material:

When you spend money on a guitar, you want to see that it is built with a solid material. Because you want your guitar to be your companion for a long time. So, you need to consider a guitar with good material like Alder, Rosewood, or Maple.


For any guitarist, the control of the instrument is the most vital thing. The guitar controls refer to the control of tone and volume of the music being played on the device. Thus, you need to select a guitar with reasonable control.


Mostly, guitars come with different hand orientations for different people. However, some also come with a universal orientation. This selection depends on the guitarist. So, you should select the guitar with the correct hand orientation according to your preferences.


Any guitar’s playability is important because it is what you are spending your money on. So, check the playability of your guitar before buying.

You should also look carefully at the length and size of frets, construction, and even color of the guitar while making a purchase decision.

The Best Bass Guitar Under 1500 Dollars:

When it to decision-making for purchasing the best guitar under 1500 dollars, it gets tricky. This is just because of the throat-cutting competition. Different brands offer the same features with slight variations in the characteristics.

Therefore, I have researched all the products in the market with eagle eyes and have come out with a unique bass guitar for under $1500 for you. Let me introduce that masterpiece to you without wasting any time.

G&L USA L-2000 Electric Bass Guitar:- Best Bass Guitar Under $1500:

The L-2000 guitar is a fully functional, high-performance instrument that has retained traditions of G&L combined with innovative designs, advanced technology, and modern visuals.

Moreover, this guitar has many other features which attract musicians. To make things easy for you, let me take you to the details of the features of this beautiful masterpiece of G&L.

Build Materials:

The guitar has an attractive body of maple, rosewood, and alder. The graphite metallic finish gives a touch of beauty to the guitar. The top of the guitar is made of maple, the fretboard is of rosewood, the back is made of maple wood, and the neck of the instrument is constructed again with maple.

Overall, this guitar is constructed with great material for long-term usage. So, you will enjoy music on this guitar for many years to come.


The guitar is designed to get complete feelings of the music while playing. Its saddle-lock bridge allows guitarists to immerse into the music and take complete control over the guitar.


For better control of the tone and volume of the music, this guitar comes with knurled flat-top chrome knobs. It is equipped with a tri-tone active and passive system for proper music adjustment. G&L ultra-lite tuners of the guitar help players to tune the guitar quickly and easily.

Hand Orientation:

Generally, this guitar comes with specific hand orientations for right-handed and left-handed people. However, the manufacturer has announced to launch the guitar with universal orientation shortly. So, you need to get a guitar according to your desired orientation.

Operational Mode:

As digital technology has taken over the music industry, this guitar works in electrical mode. So, just connect it and start playing without any disturbance.


  • Brand: G&L Guitars
  • Dimensions: 48 x 19 x 5 inches
  • Body Material: Alder, Rosewood, and Maple wood
  • String Material: Alloy steel
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Operation Mode: electric
  • Number Of Strings: 4


  • Material quality is excellent
  • Attractive design with supreme playability
  • Proper control of tone and volume
  • Fret size and length are great
  • The great value of money


  • Not recommended for beginners in terms of money
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Final Words:

Overall, the G&L USA L-2000 is the best bass guitar under $1500. It has a classically styled bass with a distinct look that stands out from other bass guitars. The sound quality is remarkable, and it’s even more impressive considering its price point.

Although this bass guitar won’t be for all people, it’s undoubtedly an excellent choice for anyone looking for an instrument that will match the quality of any other premium guitar at a much more affordable price.

So, stop waiting and get one for yourself to enjoy playing soothing music. However, if you are confused about any aspect of the guitar, you are free to ask in the comments. It’s all about today’s discussion. Thank you for reading this guide, have a nice day!

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