Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar Review 2022-(6 Strings Guitar Guide)

If you are just starting out as a guitar player and are wondering which guitar you should get, or you are an experienced player looking for a guitar upgrade, then read this Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar Review guide.

It’s a very popular student guitar and is quite in demand with them. Don’t be surprised if you see someone playing it on your college campus.

The series the Alhambra 5P comes from, the Conservatory series, is known for producing classical guitars that are suited for any style of playing. However, due to Alhambra’s fast response and rapid action, it is best suited for quick guitar styles like flamenco or rock.

The only drawback, though, is that it doesn’t offer many features except its basic ones. Like you’ll get a cedar top, a pleasant tone, and a guitar that’s soothing for the eyes, but that’s it. It’s sad considering guitars that cost lower than the Alhambra have more features, and according to some reviews, the Alhambra 5P even sounds like a guitar below the $1000 price bracket. It’s a great guitar for hard-working beginners and intermediate players for learning, but apart from that, it doesn’t really shine anywhere. Not at that price range it doesn’t, maybe if it was a bit cheaper.

Lets start: Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar Review below

Alhambra 5P Review: Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar Review 2022

Let’s discuss the features and specifications of the Alhambra 5P in the detailed review ahead.

Top Features:

  • Canadian cedar top, assured with the best quality wood and a really warm, full sound.
  • Gold plated tuners that look amazing and are softer to hold onto than regular tuners.
  • D’Addario strings. A free relief that your strings won’t be of cheap quality.
  • Rosewood back and sides as well as binding, for a warm and pleasant sound typical from a classical student guitar.
  • The Alhambra 5P is surprisingly lightweight, a welcome relief for beginners who are getting used to the weight of a guitar.
  • Hand-crafted from Spain, all Alhambra guitars are made in their workshop meticulously crafted by human hands.
  • Beginner friendly. The Alhambra 5P is a student classical guitar so they have made sure to form the features according to the needs of beginners.
  • Extremely responsive and quick action. It can respond within milliseconds of you touching the string and send it into action equally fast.
  • Suited for all styles, especially Flamenco, since it requires a fast response which the Alhambra efficiently provides.
  • The guitar looks attractive with the cedar top, ebony fingerboard, and gold tuners. It’ll turn eyes wherever you decide to play it.
  • Honestly speaking, there are better sounding guitars with more features than the Alhambra 5P at a much lower price.
  • The sound is designed to play all styles but at complicated tones, it gets strained and heavy.
  • The thick gloss varnish gives the guitar a bit of a plastic sound that is really disappointing.
  • The guitar is useless for a professional player, thus even if you buy the guitar as a novice, it’s not something you can play till the end of your lifetime.

Alhambra 5P Body: Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar Review

We already discussed that the Alhambra 5P is a cedar top. What we didn’t discuss, was that it was a Canadian cedar top. This might not sound much, but cedar from Canada is like a hallmark of quality. The back and sides are made of rosewood The neck, however, is made of mahogany. It is finished with high gloss and rosewood bindings.

The beautiful hash handmade inlaid wood rosette and Ebony fingerboard attracts all the attention around him. When you say Alhambra, you say hand-crafted guitars made in Spain with precision and skill.

The 5P’s soundboard consists of a softwood supported by 7 braces. 2 harmonic bars at the bottom are responsible for enhancing the warm, full, and pleasant sound from the mahogany. Also, since the Cedar top is softer than a Spruce wood top (which is hard to find in a classical under $2000), it is more beginner-friendly. The vital factors for choosing the Cedar are a close grain count and high stiffness to mass ratio (allowing maximum output for minimum input), strength, resonance, and light weightedness.

The cream-colored buttons look pretty but practically speaking they might be the ones who bring the look down if it’s accidentally touched by dirty hands. The Alhambra, notably, is also lighter than most guitars. You’ll realize it the moment you hold it, as it feels very light. Alhambra hasn’t skimped out on production and it’s an assurance that premium quality materials have been used in the Alhambra 5P.

Alhambra 5P Sound: Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar Review

The Alhambra 5P has a warm, full, and pleasant sound. Something you would expect from a beginner’s guitar. If played properly by someone who can utilize the Alhambra 5P, it can entrance everyone with its sound. The Alhambra comes equipped with D’Addario strings so you don’t need to replace them after the guitar comes, as D’Addario strings are one of the best quality strings out there.

The Alhambra responds the moment you touch it and then puts your response equally fast into action. Thus, as I said earlier, styles that require fast response and amazing reaction would be the best style for the Alhambra 5P, because it’ll be able to take advantage of its response.

The tuners are pretty good and stay in tune for enough time. The guitar is also loud and clear, so no worries in that part.

There is one flaw, though. As much as you’d think a cedar guitar with rosewood sides would be warm, it is not so. It feels that the Alhambra 5P failed to deliver the level of sound it’s supposed to give. Also, on more complicated tunes, the guitar strains. It’s unable to cover all of the notes and misses a few of them. That is kinda ironic considering the Alhambra 5P is marketed for being a guitar suited for all playstyles.

Alhambra 5P Comfort:

The body is in regular shape, thus it’ll be more comfortable to play in a solo setting. Covered in thick gloss varnish, the guitar gets a bit of a plastic sound you can hear after playing for a while. Not only that, but the gig bag they offer is best suited for traveling short distances but if you need permanent storage, then forget about the gig bag. It’s way too unreliable. Thus you’ll have to invest in a new hard guitar cover if you don’t have one.

The strings are of premium quality so they won’t scratch your fingers. The fretboard is also in good length. The tuners are made of good so they’ll be softer to hold and gold tuners always look rather attractive, if I say so myself.

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Final Verdict!

The Alhambra 5P is a great guitar and I have provided you complete Alhambra 5P Classical Guitar Review above in the post. If you are a beginner or an intermediate player then you can use it as a professional player. Even though the quality of the craftsmanship and material is impeccable, it still fails to deliver its best sound.

This can definitely be that guitar that serves to guide you and set you on the journey of guitar playing, but other than that, it’s not significantly impactful. If you allow a little room in your budget and go for a better guitar, that’ll be a better choice for you but if you really like the look and feel of this guitar and are ready to accept its cons, then don’t listen to anyone and just buy it.

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